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The head of tax service of Kareliya is accused of room swindle

the Chief of department of Federal tax service of Kareliya Valery Sergeev accused of especially large swindle. As it became known, the local Office of Public Prosecutor has got on the high-ranking official criminal case as regards 3 articles 159 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. Given article provides responsibility for swindle in especially large size, made with use of office position.
according to the investigation, V.Sergeev privatised apartments - in St.-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk that is forbidden by the law twice. The first living space - three-room apartment in St.-Petersburg - has been transferred to the possession of V.Sergeevu in 1992., office apartment in Petrozavodsk, cost about 1 million rbl., it privatised in 2003. Thus the official has hidden the information that privatised earlier apartment in Petersburg.
Now inspectors ustanavljavajut the size of the damage caused by actions of V.Sergeeva, have informed in republican management of Federal Agency of safety.