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Talibs have released 8 South Korean hostages

Movement the Taliban has released eight of South Korean hostages. Among them six women and two men, transfers Associated Press. After clearing Koreans have been sent on the main American military base in Afghanistan, located in a province of Ghazni.
at the same time the information on execution of one of South Korean pilgrims has proved to be true. Its body riddled, was revealed the Afghani police. According to the representative of Talibs of Kari Jusufa of Al Ahmadi, the decision on murder was accepted because negotiations between the Afghani authorities and the Taliban were at a deadlock.
the similar destiny, on its assurances, waits also for other hostages if the administration of Kabul does not release Talibs containing in prisons. As has declared K.Ju.Ahmadi, in case of default of their conditions execution will take place in the night from Wednesday to Thursday.
we Will remind that in the middle of last week, on July, 18th, representatives of Talibs have informed on capture in hostages of 23 Christian missionaries from South Korea, 15 of which - women. In exchange for their clearing insurgents have demanded to deduce till the end of the year from Afghanistan a South Korean military contingent which makes nearby 300 persons, and also to unbind representatives of their movement. The initial ultimatum expired in the evening on July, 24th, however then it has been prolonged.