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SBU Ukraine has got on the deputy of the State Duma K.Zatulin criminal case

Concerning the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, the assistant to committee on affairs of the CIS Konstantin Zatulin criminal case for attempt of destabilization of a situation is brought during celebrating 1020 - j anniversaries of the Christening of the Kiev Russia. About it, referring to sources in Security service of Ukraine (SBU) transfers Morning - Ukraine.
Besides, it is informed that K.Zatulin has taken off now for Moscow from Simferopol where has been detained the day before.
we Will remind that K.Zatulin has arrived to Ukraine as a part of the Russian delegation. At the airport of Simferopol representatives of the Ukrainian frontier service have handed over to the deputy a paper on which it has been written that entrance on territory of Ukraine is forbidden it. It was offered to K.Zatulin to spend the night at the airport, to wait morning flight to Moscow and to leave the country.
in reply to such actions of the authorities To. Zatulin has declared that intends to continue the judicial claim against the Ukrainian state in the European court under human rights.
we will add that K.Zatulin already appeared the persona non grata in Ukraine twice: in 1996. To it have forbidden to visit Crimea (which he demands to tear away from Ukraine), and in 2006. To it for a year have forbidden to visit territory of the country. The present interdiction for entrance of the deputy for Ukraine has coincided with an anniversary 1020 - letija christenings of the Kiev Russia which format of celebrating it sharply criticised recently.
the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation named the situation which has developed in Simferopol scandalous display of the unfriendly relation. Such statement the assistant to head has made the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Deniss. this scandalous display of the unfriendly relation to the visible public figure - to the deputy of our country - he has told to journalists.
A.Denisov has underlined that especially puzzles The given position of Ukraine in the light of the previous arrangements of Moscow and Kiev, obliging to stop use of practice of so-called black lists. probably, at our colleagues - word partners disperse from actions - has noticed the deputy minister.
meanwhile a number of mass-media assert that the ambassador of Ukraine is caused in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation where the note of protest in connection with latest developments, presumably, will be handed over it.