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In Europe with flu A for days was ill more than 1 thousand 600 persons

Virus A (H1N1) extends in Europe with high speed - within days it is registered 1 thousand 600 new cases of infection, the epidemiological service of the European Union has informed.
in Germany for last days the number infected with virus A (H1N1) has increased at once by 600 persons. According to Institute of Robert Koch, all for today in Germany it is registered 2 thousand 500 cases of disease by a dangerous kind of a flu. Basically the new virus is found out in the inhabitants of the country who have spent summer holiday in Spain, transfers Deutsche Welle.
the Country with the greatest quantity infected with a dangerous virus on - former there is Great Britain. By July, 24th the epidemiological service of the European Union has registered there more than 11 thousand 100 cases of disease by a new flu, 30 persons as a result of illness have died.
all for today in the world 132 thousand are fixed Cases infitsirovanija virus A (H1N1).
The day before in Russia at once more than 10 persons were ill with a flu And. In Ekaterinburg in infectious branch of city clinical hospital N40 with suspicion on flu A (H1N1) now there are 13 persons, including eight children.
fortunately, by estimations of physicians, the condition of all diseased satisfactory, is conducted treatment.