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On MKADe the truck ran into the trip bus

In Moscow on MKAD truck KAMAZ ran into the trip bus standing at a stop, 13 persons have suffered, have given in management of the information and public relation of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs across Moscow.
road accident has occurred on 29 - m kilometre of outer side MAKADa in 07. 40. Victims are not present. From - for failures movement on two extreme strips of MKAD has been limited, on a road accident place some brigades " worked; first aid and rescuers of the capital Ministry of Emergency Measures.
by this time emergency cars are evacuated with proezzhej strips, normal movement is restored. The road accident reasons are established.
we will remind, yesterday on a federal highway Don the trip bus following from Krasnodar to Rostov-on-Don, without reaching to village Samara, has faced a gasoline tank truck which has left on a counter strip. According to preliminary data, was lost 21 persons, nearby 20 are wounded.
In this connection the president of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev has called the State traffic inspectorate and other law-enforcement structures to put things in order on country roads. As he said, the laxity and criminal looseness of participants of traffic becomes the reason of similar accidents.
we cannot bury such quantity of people from - that at us so managerial process by traffic " is organised; - D.Medvedev has underlined.