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The car of the German minister was stolen on the Spanish resort

In the Spanish resort city of Alicante by unknown persons have stolen black Mercedes belonging to the Minister of Health of Germany Ulle Schmidt, reports Reuters.
Most likely the car has been stolen to order. The matter is that keys from Mercedes have been stolen by criminals from a room of the personal driver of the minister. Thus, it is obvious that thieves prepared for theft.
however, in Germany many the question interests that the German minister did on the Spanish resort. Could not explain it and in Ministry of Health. The representative of department at first told that jugo - the east of Spain is a favourite vacation spot of German pensioners and tourists and the minister had for an object to discuss there with citizens of Germany public health services and provision of pensions questions .
Then he has informed that At. Schmidt rented at the ministry the car for the personal needs.
U.ShChmidt - member SDPG. It is interesting that the Minister of Health it was and at the former cabinet which was headed by Gerhard Schroder.