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In Iraq 16 prospective insurgents " are detained; Al - Kajedy

the Authorities of Iraq have reported about successful end of twenty-day operation against members of the Baghdad cell of the terrorist organisation Al - Kajeda . According to their report, it was possible to detain 16 persons who are suspected by the authorities of fulfilment more than 100 murders in country capital, informs Reuters.
According to the representative of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the country of general Ahmed abu - Radzhifa, the given group of persons, probably, has a direct bearing on murder of Ali al - Lami - a policy, whose activity has been connected with investigation crimes of a mode of Saddam Hussein .
We managed to arrest terrorist group which bears responsibility for numerous murders in Bagdad. Officers of army and police " became their victims basically; - the general on a press - conferences has declared.
we will remind, And. al - Lami supervised over the commission which was engaged ljustratsiej of officials of the former Iraq mode and active workers of party Baas . Its signatures stood under hundreds affairs were baasistov, debarred from parliamentary elections in 2010. It has been shot at the wheel the car in May 2011. In Bagdad.
bloodshed in Iraq does not stop from the beginning of the American military operation against S.Hussein`s mode in March 2003. After the termination of an active phase of operations in the country along with guerrilla groups there were also representatives of the international terrorist organisation Al - Kajeda . Despite statements of terrorists that they conduct sacred war with incorrect i.e. with a foreign contingent, their victims basically there are civilians or representatives of local authorities.