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In Petersburg the tourist has broken to death, having fallen from the Isaakievsky cathedral

In Petersburg on the night of July, 25th from a viewing point of the Isaakievsky cathedral the tourist who as a result of falling was lost has broken. Tragical incident has occurred nearby 03:00 Moscow time, have informed in law enforcement bodies.
as have explained in the department, the suffered man presumably was the tourist. It has died on the spot incidents before first aid arrival.
tragical incident has occurred during night excursion on viewing points of the Isaakievsky cathedral while visitors photographed a city panorama. Circumstances of incident are specified. Following the results of check the decision on criminal case excitation can be accepted.
we will notice that safety of tourists in Petersburg so has caused anxiety local administration that for their protection in a city declared creation of special divisions of police. The given measure is provided by the Program of development of St.-Petersburg as tourist centre on 2011 - 2016γγ. Its purpose is the increase in time of stay in Northern capital of visitors about five days, and also growth of number of repeated visitings of a city.