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Among victims at train wreck in China there could be a Russian

As a result of failure in city district Chekiang in a province of Jiangsu in the east China on July, 23rd two foreign citizens were lost. Among victims, presumably, can be and the citizen of Russia, inform the Chinese mass-media.
meanwhile the Russian consulate in Shanghai yet does not make comments on the message of the Chinese news agencies and does not confirm this data.
however the day before the official representative of the Ministry of the railways of China has denied messages on  destruction of the Russian, having informed that citizens of Russia only among victims. According to all available information, as a result of railway failure 35 persons were lost, even more 210 persons have sustained injuries.
we will remind, failure has occurred on July, 23rd. As a result of falling in the river 15 - go and 16 - go cars of the high-speed train following from Hangchow in Wenchou, were lost more than 30 persons.
the lightning became the Reason of wreck of structure, under the preliminary version of the investigation: the electric category has got to the locomotive directly ahead of tragedy. The train has stopped, and the structure following by trace therefore two cars have fallen from height more than 20 metres in the river ran into it.
today it became known that three supervising employees of the Shanghai railway management - the chief of the department, its assistant and the secretary of Communist Party committee - have lost the posts from - for failures. In their relation there is begun criminal trial.