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The Moscow policemen were awarded for the crimes not opened by them

In Moscow there is begun criminal investigation concerning two police officers who have illegally received awards at a rate of one million roubles, have informed in Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation.
business have got on the commander 4 - go a separate battalion of militia of management of private security at the Department of Internal Affairs on Jugo - to East administrative district of the major of militia Alexander Vasileva and its subordinate - the captain of militia Dmitry Belokonja.
Guards are suspected of abusings powers of office (p.1 item 285 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation). As has found out a consequence, in 2010. A.Vasilev together with the subordinated has organised gathering of unreasonably written out monetary awards for a total sum more than one million roubles.
suspects published not representing the facts documents on disclosing heavy and especially grave crimes and detention of criminals at patrol of city streets. Such documents were the basis for material encouragement of employees. Actually these crimes were not made or have been opened by other field services of law enforcement bodies. Bonus payments were charged on bank cards of employees. The added awards suspects demanded to transfer to them under the threat of possible troubles on service.
now inspectors together with employees of service of own safety of central administrative board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs across Moscow continue work on an establishment of accomplices of suspects from among their colleagues.