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Rescuers have taken the live child from - under train fragments in China

On a place of wreck of a train in city district Chekiang in a province of Jiangsu in the east of China rescuers have taken the live child from - under train fragments. On it informs Associated Press.
now the two-year girl is taken to hospital, the exact data about a state of her health is not present. It is known that the child almost has lain days on a wreck place before it was found out by rescuers.
according to all available information, as a result of failure which has occurred on July, 23rd, 35 persons were lost, more than 210 have seriously suffered. Victims of wreck of a train of a steel and two foreigners, one of which can be the citizen of Russia. However the Russian side yet does not confirm this information.
we will remind, the tragedy has occurred on July, 23rd. It is supposed that the lightning which has struck in the locomotive of a high-speed train, following of Hangchow in Wenchou became the incident reason. After hit of the electric category in structure it has stopped, and the structure ran into it following trace. As a result two cars of the damaged train have fallen with more than 20 - metre height in the river.
incident has caused personnel shifts in the Shanghai railway management. From - three supervising employees of the given establishment have been dismissed for failures, against them criminal cases are raised.