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In Oslo the attack on the car with terrorist A.Brejvikom

in Oslo is made the attack on the car transporting from a pre-trial detention centre in court of Norwegian terrorist Anders Brejvika, organised the double act of terrorism 93 persons became which victims is made.
as reports Reuters, the car with the suspected was surrounded with group of people which beat on car glasses. To push aside crowd it was possible to policemen who have only arrived on help. we wish it death - cried out one of the attacking.
despite aggressively adjusted crowd, the car could leave an environment and to deliver A.Brevika accused of terrorism in court to hearings where to it will select a preventive punishment.
we will remind, in the evening on July, 22nd 2011. In capital of Norway Oslo has occurred strong explosion near to a building where there is an office of premieres - the minister of the country: seven persons were lost and more than two tens have got wounds.
Soon after that the man dressed in the police form, has opened fire on participants of youth gathering of the Norwegian workers` party which passed on the island Uteja located near to Oslo. Shooting has surrendered polices without resistance, it has appeared it 32 - summer Anders Bering Brejvik - the far right religious fanatic. He has confessed in the explosion organisation in the centre of Oslo and youth execution on an island of Uteja.