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SK has suspected two deputies of the State Duma of swindle

Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation has declared participation of two deputies of the State Duma in swindle fulfilment. It is a question of a member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Konstantin Shirshov and spravedlivorosse Oleg Mikheyev.
under the version of the investigation, K.Shirshov, operating together with Vadim Gurzhiem, Vladimir Mjasinym and Leonid Karagodom, extorted from the businessman of 7,5 million euro for the mandate of the deputy of the State Duma. On July, 7th 2011. It has received from the businessman a part of the demanded sum - 66 million rbl. - for the promise to include it in the federal list of candidates of the State Duma of the sixth convocation.
we will remind that concerning L.Karagoda holding earlier a post of the chief of the Protocol Department Fair Russia and V.Mjasina in the summer of this year has been taken out a verdict of guilty: the first have condemned for 2,5 years, the second - for 3 years. Criminal case concerning V.Gurzhija is considered now by court.
Besides, the Main investigatory management SK of Russia by results of remedial check of the facts wrongful zavladenija 14 objects of real estate of the Volgograd engine-building factory for the sum over 500 million rbl., attempt at plunder by swindle 2,1 mlrd rbl. of Promsvjazbanka, and also hindrance to justice realisation establishes participation in fulfilment of the specified crimes of deputy Oleg Mikheyev.
because concerning deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation the special order of criminal legal proceedings is applied, the Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation has directed to the State Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation necessary documents for entering in GD representations about deprivation of deputies K.Shirshov and O.Mikheyev of inviolability and consent on their attraction to a criminal liability.