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Israel has performed military operation in Gaza Strip

the Israeli army has performed large-scale military operation in Gaza Strip. At least, 12 Palestinians were lost, more than 50 have got wounds. Eight persons are in a critical condition. Some buildings were are taken by storm. The Israeli military command has informed that during operation has been destroyed about 100 shops in which the weapon and ammunition was made.
yesternight some tens armoured troop-carriers have intruded in the settlement Zajtun next to the city of Gaza with support of helicopters. Advancement of the Israeli armies was accompanied by plural firing with Palestinians.
according to Israelis, in Zajtune the insurgents HAMAS who has made a series of acts of terrorism in Israel are based. in the last some weeks we observe activization of activity of terrorists in Gaza Strip and on the West Bank of Jordan on the organisation of new attacks. We should provide protection of our citizens - the Minister of Defence of the country Shaul Mofaz has declared to the Israeli radio.
Today`s Israeli military intrusion on territory of Gaza Strip is the most large-scale for last 2 years. Official Tel - Aviv while in any way does not make comments on an event in the Palestinian territories. The management of Palestinian autonomy closely co-ordinates the beginning of military operation to the parliamentary elections planned on the following week in Israel.