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Originators of the termination of a heat supply bring to court

In Severo - the western Federal district Russian Federation 10 criminal cases on the facts of the termination of a heat supply are raised, informs NTV. Strong December frosts have led to numerous failures on heating mains in which result in a number of settlements it has been broken or the heat supply of apartment houses and objects socially - a household purpose is completely stopped. In particular, in certain cases it has led to full defrosting of houses.
on the specified facts bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor in January, 2003 have raised 8 criminal cases in Kareliya and on one in the Leningrad and Novgorod areas. Criminal cases are raised under article a negligence . Besides, now bodies of Office of Public Prosecutor also spend checks on the facts of the termination of a heat supply in the Arkhangelsk region and Republic Komi.
we Will remind that, according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation for January, 24th, 2003, in three regions of Russia (Far East, Central and Severo - Western districts) without heat remain 209 apartment houses in which live 14 thousand 198 persons, and 11 office buildings. Thus, according to experts, more than third of failures in housing and communal services it is connected with a deterioration of a network economy, 30 % of failures occur because of the personnel, and only 12 % make the emergency situations connected with is abnormal in low temperatures.