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Airport protection in the USA has not noticed the passenger with the weapon

the Next failure is fixed in work of security services of the airports of the USA. One of passengers in New York managed to carry by the weapon aboard the liner.
incident has occurred at the airport La Gvardia serving internal flights in the USA. The passenger of flight New York - Denver has passed system of prelanding examination with a knife and the weapon of shock action. The woman has carried by these subjects in the beautician that remains not noticed from security guards.
agency AR referring to workers of airline informs that the woman has come into the plane with the weapon not deliberately and, having found out in the beautician the forbidden subjects after a short stop in Detroit, itself has reported the matter to attendants of flight. The pilot has in turn informed on an event of the power of the airport.
After an arrival to Denver the woman has been interrogated by police then it is released without a presentation to it of any charges. Law enforcement bodies have begun investigation of the reasons of incident at the airport of New York.
after acts of terrorism on September, 11th the American authorities repeatedly declared that the new system of safety excludes tragedy repetition. However it is periodically found out that taken measures not always are capable to stop wishing to carry by the weapon aboard planes.