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In the USA nominees on " are declared; the Gold raspberry 2003.

In the USA nominees on award reception " are declared; the Gold raspberry . It is handed over for the worst films and roles 2003.
the comedy " became the Leader on number of nominations; Difficult love (Gigli) with Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in leading roles. Also in this picture such eminent stars, as Christopher Uoken and Al Pacino are occupied. difficult love applies on a raspberry at once on 9 nominations.
on the second place - a comedy the Cat (The Cat in the Hat) - from founders of a Christmas comedy Grinch, the thief of Christmas - with Mike Myers and Alec Baldwin. a cat applies on 8 raspberries including a raspberry for the worst film of year.
among other applicants on main a raspberry for the worst film of the left year the second part " appears; Angels Charlie - Angela Charlies: Only forward (Charlie`s Angels: Full Throttle) from Lucy Liu, Drju Berrimor and Cameron Dias, and also a documentary film the Present cancan (The Real Cancun).
On a rank of the worst actor 2003. Ben Affleck, Mike Myers and Kjuba Guding - younger apply. Among nominees on a rank the worst actress - Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, Drju Berrimor and Cameron Dias.
By tradition, nominees on the Gold raspberry which this year will be already handed over in 24 - j time, appear a day before the announcement of nominees on the most prestigious film award of the world - Oscar also are handed over also on the eve of delivery Oscars .
At present the present the veteran the Gold raspberry Silvestr Stallone who was put forward on the award on 30 nominations is and 9 times received this award. It even has been recognised The worst actor of the XX-th century .
As it is possible to notice, the recognition of critics and commercial success of pictures almost are not connected in any way among themselves. Cases when for the same role actors were put forward as on " are frequent; the Gold raspberry and on the Film academy award. As also participation in a picture of eminent actors does not guarantee qualitative cinema.