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Crew MKS left in a free space

Crew of the tenth expedition to the International space station (MKS) today at 10:41 Moscow time left in a free space, have informed in Control centre of flights (TSUP - M, Queens, Moscow Region) Federal space agency (Russian Space Department).
According to plans on extraship activity (VKD), the Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov and the American astronaut Leroj Chiao will make installation of equipment of space experiment Rokviss and photographing soplovyh nozzles of emission of gases from systems elektron - VM Air and the block of clearing of atmosphere from microimpurity.
the exit of cosmonauts in a free space was carried out from the Russian segment MKS in the Russian survival suits the Sea eagle . It is caused by that in the American survival suits which also are at station, in space probably to leave only the American lock chamber Quest. According to technical characteristics, in survival suits the Sea eagle people as growth from 165 to 190 can work see In places of bends of hands and feet (shoulders, elbows, knees) stand germopodshipniki; gloves - demountable also are made individually. For purges ears at change of pressure in a survival suit there is a special device Valsalva which can be used and for pochesyvanija a nose.
closing of the target hatch is planned at 15:51 Moscow time.
we Will remind that the crew of the tenth expedition to MKS has been delivered to station on October, 16th 2004. Onboard the transport piloted ship Union TMA - 5 . The program of stay of cosmonauts on MKS within 196 days (six months) assumes two extravehicular activity. The plan scientifically - applied researches of the basic crew includes 41 experiment, from which 34 - under the Russian program and 7 contract works.