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In 2004. The Russian militia has opened 1,5 million crimes

In Russia last year police officers is opened more than 1,5 million crimes. The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation has informed on it today Rashid Nurgaliev at a meeting with police officers - winners of competition of professional skill on a rank the Best by a trade .
According to the minister, more than 30 thousand the criminal cases connected with crimes, the perfect organised groups and criminal communities, is directed to court. Besides, has noted R.Nurgaliev, last year it is opened more than 44 thousand crimes of last years, that confirms inevitability of punishment .
Also it is revealed more than 400 thousand crimes of an economic orientation therefore it is compensated to the state and citizens 59 mlrd rbl.
As the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has underlined effectively to resist to criminality, concentration of efforts of all law enforcement bodies, all divisions of system of internal troops, and also the professional approach to the business of each employee of law-enforcement bodies is required. only provided that we can reliably protect a society from a crime - has concluded R.Nurgaliev.
Besides, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has informed that in the area of the Interpol are detained or neutralised during special actions and operatively - search actions of 60 citizens suspected of terrorist activity and participation in illegal armed formations (NVF) that makes almost half from put on the international wanted list.
as has noted R.Nurgaliev, in the area of National central bureau of the Interpol at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for terrorist activity and participation in NVF during the period since August 1995. On the present in the international search 127 persons have been declared.
Speaking about counteraction to terrorism and a crime, the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has noticed that in struggle against these phenomena support and the help of the public is important. efficiency of such cooperation, first of all, is under construction on trust to law-enforcement bodies - the minister has noted.
we will remind that earlier general public prosecutor of the Russian Federation Vladimir Ustinov has informed that last year in Russia the number of undetected crimes has made 1 million 264 thousand From justice have left hundred thousand criminals - the public prosecutor has complained.
according to V.Ustinova, among undetected crimes of 5 thousand 635 premeditated murders. Leaders on number of undetected crimes are Karachaevo-Circassia, Ingushetia and Dagestan where it is not opened from 30 to 55 % of crimes. High raskryvaemost murders in 2004. - 92 - 95 % - Chuvashiya, Udmurtiya, Tatarstan have shown, Mary El, the Kirov and Saratov areas.
according to the public prosecutor, following the results of work in 2003. The highest relative density of not opened murders had to Moscow and Moscow Region. So, total number of the crimes registered in Moscow suburbs, in 2004. Has increased by 5,5 % in comparison with 2003. Also has made 88 thousand 945. In particular, on 10,1 % the quantity of premeditated murders, on 7,6 % - rapes, on 11,8 % - armed assaults, on 15,4 % - robberies, on 5,9 % - property thefts has grown. Growth of number of crimes is noted in 33 cities of Moscow suburbs. Also in region territory growth of the crimes made by minors, - on 13,4 %, including murders - on 57,8 % is noted.
the Special alarm is caused by non-observance of the ground and nature protection legislation, the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow Region marks. So in 2004. In Moscow suburbs 1838 infringements of the law in sphere ground pravootnosheny in this connection 500 protests are brought are revealed, brought an order of 200 representations, 23 persons are involved in administrative responsibility, 158 claims are directed to court in interests of the state.
concerning observance of the wood, water security legislation, autocratic employment of the earths of wood fund and real estate building in a water security zone it is revealed more than 2 thousand infringements by which results 21 criminal case is raised, 122 statements are directed to court.
at the same time, the Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow Region marks, for the first time over the last 10 years the indicator raskryvaemosti murders has made 73,7 % that on 11,2 % above, than in 2003. 45 murders of last years are opened. As to fight against corruption on the facts of reception and bribery 138 criminal cases are directed to court. 890 infringements of the law on activity of Service of court enforcement officers are eliminated, 59 officials are involved in a disciplinary responsibility, 7 criminal cases are raised.