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In Iraq the helicopter of the USA has broken: were lost more than 30 military men

In Iraq as a result of wreck of the transport helicopter Sikorsky 31 marine of the USA was lost. Incident has occurred in the west of Iraq nearby to border to Jordan.
now on a wreck place saving and search works are conducted, informs CNN. The American military men have confirmed the information on helicopter wreck, however yet do not name exact number of victims. Helicopters of this mark can transport to 55 persons.
Besides, today in a province of Anbar during fighting operation four more marines of the USA were lost.
we will note, conditions in Iraq are extremely heated on the threshold of general election on January, 30th of this year Thereupon new security measures are accepted, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the country Faljah al - Nakib has informed today. The Iraq government intends to forbid movement from one province in another, and also to prolong a curfew which will operate from 19:00 till local time. The curfew in Iraq is entered from January, 28th till January, 31st.
Besides, the country authorities plan to close the Baghdad international airport, and also to close borders of the country for the period of elections. F al - Nakib also has noticed that the government intends to spend general election in Iraq precisely to the planned term, despite threats of insurgents, informs AR.
Also today the independent election committee of Iraq declared illegal use of religious images and symbolics in election campaign of candidates for National assembly. The statement has sounded some days before elections after many candidates and movements within many weeks used portraits of known religious figures and temples of Iraq for attraction of voters, transfers AR.
According to the representative of election committee Farida Ajara, some parties have addressed in the commission with complaints to use by their competitors of religious symbolics. As has declared F.Ajar, the commission has decided that it is better to candidates to refrain from use of similar symbolics in the election campaigns. F.Ajar also has informed that in the near future the election committee of Iraq will publish the definitive statement on this point in question.
many Shiits making about 60 % of the population of Iraq, are inclined to vote for the block supported by the known Shiit spiritual leader - ajatolloj Ali the expert - Sistani - is exclusive out of respect for the most spiritual leader. Even party the prime minister - the minister of Iraq Ijada Allavi ( Movement of the national consent ) Used in the pre-election campaign of the image of other spiritual leader of Shiits - Hussein the expert - Sadra.
Use of portraits of Ali the expert - Sistani and other religious leaders during election campaign has caused indignation in other blocks and the parties which are taking part in pre-election race.