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In the USA 3 trains have faced: more than 200 victims

In the USA as a result of railway failure in suburb Los - Andzhelesa were lost 9 persons. Besides, in incident have suffered more than 200 persons from whom more than 100 have been hospitalised, transfers AFP referring to the representative of life-saving services of Los - Andzhelesa William Bemetra. As he said, on a scene salvage operations proceed.
According to the received information, there was a following: at first on moving the suburban train has faced the car then the derailed cars have faced other passenger train and one more cargo structure.
failures on the railways of the USA are frequent. We will remind, on January, 21st - in the inauguration day of president Dzh. Bush - in Washington the passenger train following from capital USA to New York also was derailed. On January, 12th on border of states of Colorado and Utah the train has faced a boulder in size with the truck, it is not known as appeared on rails. On January, 6th in the State of South Carolina 2 trains have faced. The freight train transporting gaseous chlorine, ran into a standing passenger train. As a result one person was lost, 70 have been delivered in hospitals. On November, 3rd 2004. In underground of Washington at station Woodley Park two trains have faced. Nearby 20 persons have suffered.