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As a result of road accident in the USA on fire 7 children

As a result of collision of the car with truck in American state Florida were lost seven persons - all reception children from one family were lost.
the car in which there were children at the age from a year till 15 years, the girl the teenager which did not have any rights conducted. In three kilometres from the house behind the car has struck the truck. The girl - the driver has not managed to drive, and the car on full speed has flown in the standing on the roadside bus.
as a result of collision the fire in which all passengers of the car were lost has begun, informs AR. In the bus also there were schoolboys, however it has carried - all remained are live, though have received various damages.
the police informs that till now there are many things which it was not possible to explain. In - the first, not clearly why children have appeared on road one without accompanying. In - the second, the police yet did not manage to find out, why driver of the truck which has pushed the car has not pressed a brake.
on a scene the investigatory brigade to which should interrogate the driver of the truck has already left and to try to understand causes of the tragedy.
since 1994 in road accident with participation of school buses 71 child and 42 adults was lost. As the American statisticans have counted, on the average it turns out on 10 persons in a year that is not the highest indicator.