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Almost all Georgia remained without an electricity

the New misfortune has fallen upon Georgia. As a result of failure on LEP Imeretia almost all country remained without an electricity. Now the country power supply system works in an extreme mode.
as have informed in the Department of Fuel and Energy of Georgia, failure has occurred today approximately at 1:00 Moscow time. Under the preliminary information, from - for a strong wind the transmission line " has failed; Imeretia connecting power supply systems on which the electric power arrives from the Western Georgia in the central and east regions of the country. Other transmission lines have simultaneously failed also, and also there was an emergency switching-off 9 - go the power unit of the Tbilisi state district power station, the belonging Russian Open Society UES of Russia .
the Ninth block develops 220 MVt the electric power for Tbilisi. Now on the power unit a recovery work which will occupy not less than two days are spent. Experts of the Tbilisi state district power station try to involve 4 - j the block which work has been stopped from - for failures on LEP Kavkasioni in Karachaevo-Circassia on January, 22nd 2006. According to the Russian experts, restoration Kavkasioni on which the Russian electric power arrived to Georgia, will come to the end in 10 days.
at present from the Western Georgia (Inguri - the HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION) in east and central regions of the country arrives on reserve LEP only 100 MVt the electric power though in the Western Georgia its surplus is observed. Power supply of Tbilisi is limited to 350 MVt. As to gas deliveries, today, as well as in the evening on January, 25th, gas from Azerbaijan moves in the reduced quantity - in volume of 2 million cubic metre a day, or about 85 thousand cubic metre at an o`clock.
power supplies switching-off in Georgia has occurred extremely at the wrong time. In the country very low temperature for region was established. In the disconnected Tbilisi has become cold to-6 degrees on Celsius, and in Kazbegsky area strong frosts - in the afternoon about 20 degrees below zero, and at night - to a minus 30 in general are observed.
Failure on LEP together with bad weather have partially paralysed work of the Georgian railway. So, from - for absence of the electric power on the night of January, 26th movement between the Western and East Georgia has been stopped, have informed in Department of a railway transportation of the country. Now a recovery work is conducted. Besides, a strong wind on a site of Zugdidi - Hobi obvalil on a cloth of the railway support LEP, from - for what at some o`clock has been stopped movement of the trains following from Batumi and Poti.
According to experts, such strong wind in this region of Georgia it was not observed since 1969.
we Will remind that on January, 22nd in the North Caucasus two main gas pipelines on which gas arrived to Georgia have been blown up. Subsequently experts have found out components of explosives on a place of explosions. According to preliminary data, their general capacity has made nearby 800 gramme of trotyl. Repair work proceeds in a continuous mode the fifth days. Georgia has hastened to accuse of diversion on gas pipelines the Russian special services. Foreign policy department of this country has extended the statement in which it is said that officers of the Main intelligence service (GRU) armed forces of the Russian Federation Anatoly Sysoyev and the Novel Smartly have arranged explosions. Russia in the answer asks the Georgian authorities to stop a hysterics and attacks to the Russian military men. desire to search for external enemies for the justification of own feebleness in adjustment of normal life of the country never before in what good did not result - the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is underlined in the statement.