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In the USA plunder bank: the criminal took hostages

the Drama picture is developed in the United States of America. In the Californian city of Exeter the robber armed with a pistol has grasped the bank personnel in hostages.
TV channel CNN, referring to representatives of local police, informs that nearby 17:00 local time the jobless man has rushed into branch Bank located in a city of America and, threatening with the weapon, has demanded to give out it money. Employees of bank had time to cause law and order bodies and then the criminal took the people who were in a premise, in hostages. In total in his hands it has appeared, under the different data, from five to 9 persons.
it is officially informed that in hostages was it is taken five women - employees of banking establishment. At the same time there is data that was primary hostages nine, however from them - the woman with 15 - the monthly child and to steam which has come to bank to open the account - the malefactor has released a four at once.
During police negotiations it was possible to convince the robber to release two more person. Thus, now in hands of the man remains three hostages. Among them operating bank and cashiers.
according to one of the released women, to the criminal by sight about 40 years. In hands it had a suitcase. She has not informed other details.
now the building of bank located in the city centre, is surrounded by police. On a scene there have arrived groups of a special purpose of department of the sheriff. Employees of Federal bureau of investigations were connected to negotiations (FBI). Evacuation of workers of all companies located nearby is spent.
the exact information on requirements of the robber is not present. According to some information, its extraction in bank of a steel of 100 thousand dollars, and now he demands the car and possibility free on it to disappear.
the population of Exeter makes 10 thousand persons. It is quiet small town with very low urovenem criminality. The Reuters agency notices that murders here did not happen within three years.