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Fight of students in Beirut: in a city the curfew

is entered by curfew Introduction fight between students in Beirut has come to the end. An occasion to collisions around capital university of a steel of a disagreement between supporters Hezbollah and the central government.
after fight to cafeterias of the Arabian university of Beirut, fight have moved on streets of the Lebanese capital. Already after two students and two casual passers-by have been killed, local military men have interfered with fight. In streets there were tanks. After precautionary shots in air, representatives of army managed to disseminate the raged crowd, informs () Associated Press.
disorders around the Arabian university - any more the first collisions between supporters Hezbollah and supporters of the Lebanese government in a city. Fights proceed in a city throughout three days that allows experts to predict new civil war which threatens to outgrow in the regional conflict.
while there is no information why fight in cafeteria has begun. Supporters Hezbollah assert that in all are guilty sunnity which have started to shoot on passers-by from the buildings close to university. After the beginning of collisions supporters Hezbollah have lighted fires, calling to the aid the supporters from other areas of Beirut.
according to all available information, streets of Beirut are empty. Last time a curfew in capital of Lebanon has been entered in 1996 during a protest action of trade unions.