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Explosion in the main building of the Moscow State University: 1200 persons

In the main building of the Moscow State University on mountains Vorobevyh are evacuated there was an explosion, have informed in central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation across Moscow. It is informed that incident has occurred at 4:37 Moscow time. As a result of explosion on ladder flight between 14 - ym and 15 - ym the wall collapse on the area of 3 sq. m has occurred floors, glasses with 10 - go on 14 - j floors also have been beaten out.
according to preliminary data, capacity of the explosive which has worked in a building of a hostel, could make to 500 g in a trotyl equivalent.
as a result of incident of victims and victims is not present. From a building 1 thousand 200 persons have been evacuated.
now on a scene experts of the Ministry of Internal Affairs who establish type and capacity of an explosive continue to work.
upon explosion the city Office of Public Prosecutor has already filed criminal charges. As have informed in capital Office of Public Prosecutor, criminal case is raised under articles 213 and 222 UK.
It any more the first explosion in territory of the main building of the Moscow State University. In November of the past year the improvised explosive device capacity of 50 grammes in a trotyl equivalent has worked in a hostel of the main building.
one more explosive capacity from 500 grammes in a trotyl equivalent was revealed this very day on other floor of a building. It has been shot arrived vzryvotehnikami.
Today`s explosion has occurred after some hours after end of celebrating of Tatjaninogo of day - the traditional holiday of students connected with the termination of winter session.