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The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia has seriously suffered in road accident

the Minister of Internal Affairs of Serbia Dragan Josich has seriously suffered in dorozhno - transport incident, but remained is live, Associated Press reports.
incident has occurred late at night on Friday, in 70 kilometres to jugo - to the east from Belgrad. The driver of the minister has brought down a dog then has run away. The car has some times turned over and has taken off from highway.
It is informed that 48 - summer D.Josich has been immediately directed to the Belgrad hospital where to it have performed operation. Under not confirmed data, nothing threatens his life, the condition of the minister is estimated as stable. It is live there was also driver Mirko Damjanovich who has got serious traumas.
we will notice that D.Josich is considered one of the nearest colleagues of the working president of Serbia Voislava Koshtunitsy. And though, as it is considered, thanks to actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs the situation in the country which has transferred numerous military conflicts partly was normalised, at D. Josicha in the country there are many opponents. In particular, the Serbian liberals consider, what exactly general Ratko Mladich suspected of war crimes in territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina because of the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the Hague tribunal till now is not given out.
we will remind that shortly in Serbia the second round of presidential election in which left the head of Radical party Tomislav Nikolich and representing liberal camp Boris Tadich should take place.