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Strike in Poland has paralysed border with the CIS countries

Strike of the Polish customs officers actually has paralysed movement on border with Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. On transition points hundreds trucks have accumulated. Striking pass through border only trucks with cattle and food perishable food.
as informs TV channel to Conduct only on moving to Dorohuske (border with Ukraine) on the Polish party there are 850 trucks, and the turn from them has reached 18 kilometres. Thus desire to work on a boundary post one person in this connection transition and has been at all closed till morning of Monday has agreed only.
200 more trucks stand on borders in Grebenne where the column slowly moves - three employees of the Polish customs work.
in Belarus transition around settlement Boundary (the Grodno area) works only. It is recommended to rest or to refrain from trips to Poland, or to try to pass in this country through Lithuania.
customs officers have begun strike with the requirement of increase in a salary almost twice to 400 tys zloties (1,62 thousand dollars) and grantings of some privileges. After 6 days of strike the government Representatives of the Ministry of Finance of Poland also have agreed to increase the salary by 500 zloties (202 dollars)
have informed that increase since February, 1st of this year customs staff on borders with Ukraine and with Belarus by 40 employees. During negotiations of trade union of customs officers and the Ministry of Finance the agreement that the answer to government offers will be given by January, 28th of this year has been reached