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In Nazran 43 participants of mass riots

In Nazran are detained 43 participants of the mass riots which have occurred today in city centre are detained. The majority of arrested persons - teenagers 14 - 18 years, have informed in an emergency response centre of management of FSB across Ingushetia.
according to the investigation, in the morning on January, 26th unstated persons under the pretext of carrying out of a meeting on the square of the Consent have organised procession on one of city prospectuses in whom have taken part more than 50 young men.
procession which has not been authorised by the authorities, has quickly outgrown in disorders. Swells have begun to smash and set fire to nearby buildings. Police officers who tried to stop disorders, have been compelled to open shooting in air as young men began to stone them and bottles with an incendiary mix.
As a result of pogroms the serious damage is put buildings of edition of one of republican newspapers, republican clinical hospital and city hotel which was set fire by the attacking. Fire profits on a scene in time, however have undergone to an attack from aggressive crowd.
now on business are spent it is investigatory - operative actions. In law-enforcement bodies citizens who are checked on participation in disorders are delivered. One is clearly exact: participants of the action were prepared for it in advance. Nearby to a scene the warehouse with 64 bottles with an incendiary mix, and also 2 containers with smoke candles has been found.
upon mass pogroms investigatory management of Investigatory committee at Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation on Republic Ingushetia has filed criminal charges on p.1 and 2 items 212 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (the organisation of mass riots and participation in them).
On Friday, on January, 25th, in Nazran and in two areas of republic the counterterrorism operation mode in connection with expectation of acts of terrorism in brisk places, and also attacks on buildings of administrative bodies has been entered. According to FSB, today`s events stand in one chain with the sorties of the gangsters which have been carried out in Ingushetia recently.
we will remind, in the evening on January, 22nd in Nazran has occurred at once two incidents in which result people were lost. The first took place at a building of migratory service where the car with employees of one of power structures has been fired. Attacking have killed one military man and have wounded a three more. Criminals managed to disappear. It is literally during the same time in city centre in the car the Zhiguli has worked an explosive. The man who was at the wheel, appeared the inhabitant of Dagestan thus was lost. Presumably, the victim overtook the car to Ingushetia for fulfilment of act of terrorism. According to one of versions, explosion has occurred spontaneously.
and on January, 17th in the centre of the Ingush capital fight between police officers and insurgents was fastened. It is not excluded that the house of the chairman of the government of republic Ibragima Malsagova was the purpose attacking. In a course boestolknovenija the building has received insignificant damages. To detain criminals it was not possible.