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In settlement Rechnik the fire

In the Moscow settlement Rechnik in which court enforcement officers conduct a pulling down of illegally erected summer residences has flashed, there was a fire past morning. Experts do not exclude that the arson could become the ignition reason.
according to radio station Echo Moscow about 7 o`clock in the morning in settlement already moved building has lighted up. As a result of a fire it almost has completely burnt down. Nobody has suffered.
meanwhile in settlement the pulling down of apartment houses today has renewed. According to eyewitnesses, buildings take down for lack of their owners. On a place the heavy machinery works. As have informed in service of court enforcement officers, it is at present already liquidated six constructions, it is executed five decisions of Kuntsevsky district court of Moscow. Not executed there are 32 more judgements.
earlier inhabitants of Rechnika have addressed in Public chamber of the Russian Federation with the request to suspend a housebreaking that they could take out the things. 8 more inhabitants have sent statements to the Western prefecture of Moscow in which they have expressed desire independently to disassemble the constructions.
we will add that, despite the grandiose scandal which has burst in connection with a pulling down of settlement, police officers are full of determination to finish the begun. The support to them is rendered by capital mayor Yury Luzhkov who named actions of police officers absolutely lawful.
the settlement Rechnik has been based in 1955 by workers of the Channel it. Of Moscow. Then it had been allocated sites for kitchen gardens without the right of erection to them of inhabited constructions. However in due course the territory has turned to a housing estate and occupies now 20 hectares in pojme the Moskva River. In the beginning 2000 - h years the territory has been included by the decision of the Moscow authorities in structure prirodno - historical park Moskvoretsk and the Interdistrict nature protection Office of Public Prosecutor has addressed in court with the requirement to recognise illegal a finding there settlement Rechnik. The housebreaking in Rechnike has begun on January, 21st, despite protests of inhabitants.