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Fallen in Lebanon Boeing 737 before wreck has executed sharp maneuver

the Pilot of plane Boeing which has broken in Lebanon 737 instead of performance of the instruction of the dispatcher has made sharp and unusual maneuver then has disappeared from a radar, the minister of transport of the country Gazi Aridi has informed.
By the plane the onboard weather gauge has been established, which the pilot with 20 - the summer experience could use to avoid hit in storm front. At the moment rescuers continue search of a black box which will throw light on a cause of the tragedy in Lebanon.
we will remind that airline plane Boeing the Ethiopian airlines (Ethiopian Airlines) with passengers has onboard fallen in Mediterranean sea, having taken off from Beirut (Lebanon) for capital of Ethiopia - Addis - Abebu.
During search operation at coast of Lebanon where the liner has broken, bodies of 34 victims have been found. Information on the survived passengers did not arrive. In total onboard there were 92 persons, including 8 crewmen. Among passengers - 54 Lebaneses, 22 citizens of Ethiopia, two British, and also citizens of Canada, France, Iraq and Syria. According to embassy of the Russian Federation in Lebanon, onboard Boeing there was a citizen of the Russian Federation Anna Abs.