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Who stands up for act of terrorism in Domodedovo: mass-media search guilty of tragedy

After days after act of terrorism in Domodedovo for Investigatory committee and did not name the basic versions of an event. However mass-media inform on possible participation in an event of a North Caucasian bandit underground.
it is not excluded that traces conduct to one of the extremist groupings entering into a bandit underground so-called Caucasian imamata, has told KP a source in special services of Russia. The same handwriting, as during acts of terrorism in the capital underground in March of last year.
in explosion in Domodedovo can be involved and participants nogajskogo a battalion - vahhabitskoj the organisation operating in Stavropol Territory.
according to a source, after nogajtsy in August have arranged explosion in cafe of Pyatigorsk (then have suffered more than 30 persons), the basic part of the gang, however some the escaped insurgents " has been destroyed; nogajskogo a battalion Have gone to Moscow for preparation of acts of terrorism, in t. ch. With use of women - smertnits.
the Person of the condemned man from which there was a head and a hand, is not established yet. However experts have tried to restore shape of the terrorist on its skull. They have come to a conclusion that the condemned man belongs to the European race, a southern variant. Frenchmen, Italians, Arabs concern this group and some more the Mediterranean people, however it is exact not the native from caucasus, informs KP.
the Sources close to investigation of act of terrorism at the airport, came out with assumptions that the bomb which has worked in Domodedovo has been filled plastitom and just the same explosive has worked at casual handling of it on December, 31st 2010. In hotel of private shooting club in Moscow. According to preliminary data, one of groups of terrorists there lived.
terrorist attack to Moscow was planned from the beginning of November, writes MK. It was supposed to arrange explosion in the night from December, 31st for January, 1st in a place of the most mass New Year`s walks. But explosion has thundered ahead of time, it is literally some hours prior to celebratory peal of bells. On one of versions, there was it by mere chance. On a mobile phone smertnitsy spam - a congratulation happy New Year from the company - the operator has come. As a result of explosion the woman was lost, and its accomplices from a scene have disappeared. After that act of terrorism in Domodedovo has been planned and carried out.
as writes Kommersant within the limits of business the consequence is going to check up work as police officers, and services of aviation safety of the airport. Act of terrorism has been made in a so-called dirty zone of Domodedovo responsibility for which actually should bear all structures set forth above, but instead they shift blame against each other. Besides, the newspaper managed to find out that work on prevention of acts of terrorism in airports militia is not engaged with 2008., after have dispersed its antiterrorist divisions.
we will remind, 35 persons were lost, 180 have suffered as a result of explosion which has been made at the Domodedovo airport on January, 24th 2011.