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Fire in psihlechebnitse in Vladivostok: 130 persons

In Vladivostok a fire in Regional clinical psychiatric hospital in the street Shepetkova are evacuated has led to evacuation mentally sick 130 patients. As have informed in a press - service of the regional Ministry of Emergency Measures, as a result of a fire nobody has suffered.
the message on ignition has arrived on the life-saving service panel at 04:39 local time on the night of January, 26th. On a signal of the worked fire alarm system to the place of state of emergency rescuers have left.
the arrived firemen have found out that in one of hospital chambers there was an ignition of mattresses which has led to fire distribution on a room. In a safe wing of a building by rescuers 130 patients have been evacuated.
ignition managed to be liquidated by 05:07 local time. Electroconducting short circuit became the preliminary reason of state of emergency.
it is necessary to notice that on November, 24th 2010. Employees of the State fire supervision have checked in this hospital by which results it has been revealed four infringements of requirements of fire safety. For instruction default to administrative responsibility on p.1. Item 19. 5 KoAP of the Russian Federation have been involved the official responsible for fire safety in a building.