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With a mafia official accusation is brought with the CIS

Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation to the main fighter the general - to the lieutenant of militia Alexander Bokovu has brought official accusation to the director of Bureau for coordination of struggle against the organised crime and other dangerous crimes in territory of the states CIS. As have informed in capital law enforcement bodies, concerning the official action under item 159 of the Criminal code of the Russian Federation (swindle) is brought.
A.Bokov has been detained on January, 19th, and on January, 21st is arrested under the decision of Basmanny Court of Moscow. In places of its work and residing searches in which course subjects and the documents concerning business have been withdrawn have been spent.
according to the investigation, A.Bokov in 2005., operating together with the acquaintances - the director of the International fund of development of the Cossacks Michael Krejmerom and the director of Open Company Strojbeton Sergey Stepanovym, by a deceit has promised to the businessman in assistance in acquisition of a controlling interest of one of transport agencies. For the service the suspect has demanded from the businessman of 46 million dollars In 2006. The businessman has transferred to A.Bokova`s authorised representatives not less than 4,5 million the dollars, however any actions from the general has not followed.
thus it is necessary to notice that A.Bokov has not been allocated by administrative or administrative functions in system of law-enforcement bodies of Russia as the bureau is interstate structure of law-enforcement bodies of the CIS countries and does not enter into structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.