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Eyewitnesses of state of emergency in Rio - de - Zhanejro: It was similar to earthquake

One of eyewitnesses of wreck of wreck of skyscrapers in the centre of the Brazilian city of Rio - de - Zhanejro has told to journalists about the seen. it was similar to earthquake - the man who was called as Gilbert has declared Reuters.
at first from buildings separate pieces have started to fall off and fall. People have taken to the heels. And then skyscrapers have failed in a flash - the eyewitness has informed.
we will remind, state of emergency has occurred in the evening on January, 25th. As a result of wreck 10 - floor and 21 - floor houses, according to some information, was lost two persons, however this information has not been confirmed officially yet. Under blockages there can be at least 11 persons, 5 are already taken from - under fragments and taken to hospital.
gas explosion became the incident reason, according to preliminary data. Eyewitnesses of state of emergency inform on it. Mayor Rio - de - to Zhanejro Edward Paes has declared that all forces are now concentrated to a rescue operation, and the reasons of wreck of buildings will understand later.
In search of people under blockages tens rescuers participate, the incident area is surrounded by police. The streets adjoining to a place of state of emergency, are covered by fragments of the destroyed houses. With a view of safety in a disaster zone the electricity is disconnected.