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The earth underfoot the whole world

in increasing frequency the world fluctuates Recently began to shake the strongest earthquakes. For last days some large concussions of earth crust were observed in all ends of Globe. What it, coincidence, or something more global? Whether will repeat all our world destiny of Atlantis?
so, in particular, today in the north of Japan it has been registered two earthquakes, informs National seismological institute of Japan. The first earthquake by force 6,7 points under the Richter scale has been registered at 14:59 local time. Its epicentre was in sea of Okhotsk. Tremors were observed in various settlements of island Hokkaido and in a city of Aomori.
the second earthquake by force 5,6 points on Richter have occurred at 15:08 local time. Its epicentre was in Pacific ocean on depth of 10 kilometres. Tremors have been registered on severo - the east of Japan in seaside provinces Yamagata, Fukushima and Mijagi. The data about victims and destructions did not arrive yet.
less than days back in Mediterranean sea have been registered by Chet tremors. Earthquake epicentre was in 20 kilometres to the south of Nitstsy. On severo - the western coast of Italy pushes by force 4,1 points under the Richter scale have been registered. About victims and destructions also while it is not known, but, most likely here all has managed.
at last, tremors 5,8 - 6,5 points under the Richter scale have been registered by force on Sunday in the north of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. Earthquake epicentre was deeply underground in 700 kilometres from Islamabad. Representatives of meteorological service have declared that messages on victims and destructions did not arrive yet. They as have added that if earthquake epicentre was more close to a surface of the earth, its consequences could be very serious.
thus if to remember recent strongest earthquakes in El Salvador and India, there is a sensation that earth crust fluctuation - not accident. Probably, they are caused by activity of the person?