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In Serbia there are mass arrests of the former policemen

Arrest on February, 23rd the former chief of secret police of Serbia Rade Markovicha and followed then arrest of the former chief of the Belgrad police of Branko Dzhuricha have caused the whole wave of arrests among the former heads of police.
According to the sources close to ruling Serbian democratic opposition, after arrest of Markovicha have been arrested at least 15 persons who were its nearest colleagues. Among them - the chief of secret police of Belgrad Milan Radonich and its assistant Branko Chrni.
All of them are accused of the organisation of the political murders made at a mode of Slobadan Milosevic. Markovich passes as main accused on the case of attempt at the leader of the Serbian opposition Vuka Drashkovich on October, 3rd, 1999 therefore 4 persons who accompanied it were lost.
we Will remind that on Friday, on February, 23rd, in Yugoslavia one of the closest political allies of the former president of the country Rade Markovich is arrested. Warrants on arrest have been given out by the Belgrad district attorney. Many remedial groups and Milosevic`s political opponents accused for a long time the head of the Yugoslavian secret police of the organisation of political murders. However Markovich long time refused to resign, asserting that the establishment headed by it is not involved in such activity. Markovich has left the post only on January, 25th current year when to the power the new government of Serbia led by the prime minister - minister Zoranom Dzhindzhichem has come.
In the light of this scandal the Minister of Justice of Serbia Vladan Batich has declared that its country has begun ruthless war with criminality in which will not be untouchable . All analysts agree in opinion that Batich spoke about eks - the president of Slobadan Milosevic.