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In Ukraine have found the decapitated body of Gongadze

the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine officially recognised that found in wood in November of last year the decapitated corpse - a body of journalist George Gongadze. Such instructions were given today by the General public prosecutor of Ukraine Michael Potebenko to the inspector on business of the disappeared journalist.
as has informed a press - service of the Ukrainian State Office of Public Prosecutor, such decision is accepted in connection with appeared the new data including results genoskopicheskoj the examination spent by the Russian experts.
Besides, the identification fact tarashchanskogo bodies with Gongadze automatically gives the grounds to recognise mother Gongadze - to Alexander Gongadze the dissatisfied party on the given criminal case. It grants to it the right to acquaintance with any materials on business, a presentation of proofs, petitions. As have noted in a press - service of the State Office of Public Prosecutor, the investigation of the case of disappearance of Gongadze will be continued, in particular, investigatory actions for search of a head from the found body are carried out.
it is necessary to notice that of participation in disappearance of the journalist accuse the president of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma accuse of participation in disappearance of Gongadze. So, a member of the Supreme Rada of Ukraine Sergey Golovatyj has declared that president Leonid Kuchma in conversation with it recognised that records of its negotiations with officials in an office of the president took place.
the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Ukraine also has confirmed that on an audiocassette scrolled by deputy Alexander Morozom in the end of November, there were fragments of conversations of president Kuchma and of some officials. On the cartridge the person with a voice similar to a voice of the Ukrainian president, has conversation on elimination of journalist George Gongadze. He also tells impartial words to a number of the Ukrainian politicians.