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The torch

the Cause of the fire in the Egyptian train Cairo - Luxor in which result 363 persons were lost became a cause of death of 363 passengers of a train, there was the small torch brought by passengers and used for warming up of meal. To such conclusion the state inspectors who were finding out causes of the tragedy, become to the largest on a country railway transportation for all its history have come.
during the investigation and analysis of the crumpled cars such torches in two cars which most strongly have suffered from fire were revealed some.
the progovernmental Egyptian newspaper Āl - Akhbar specifies today that the initial version about short circuit in structure electroconducting completely has not proved to be true. Passengers, despite existing interdictions, carry by torches in a train to warm up meal or to boil water.
By estimations of inspectors, the fire in two cars has begun during train movement while other five cars have lighted up already after its stop. For this reason bolshej the part of passengers from these five cars managed to escape. Fire distribution was promoted by wooden and other parts of a covering of cars and a strong wind. We will remind that the tragedy which has led to death of 363 persons, has served as the reason of resignation of the minister of transport of Egypt.