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NASA does not exclude collision Columbia with UFO

the Management of National space agency (NASA) among possible versions of destruction of shuttle Columbia which has had an accident on February, 1st 2003., considers also possibility of collision of the ship with the neolearnt flying object (UFO), informs AR.
the Unknown subject has been found out near to the spaceship for the second day of flight when the shuttle was in an orbit. It was originally supposed that it is the frozen water or a piece of space garbage. Now in it there are doubts. Experts mark strong damage of thermoprotective tiles of the ship. However it is not known yet when tiles have undergone to thermal influence - during destruction of a shuttle or after.
earlier management NASA has stated doubt that the piece izoljatsionnoj the foams, fallen off a fuel tank of shuttle Columbia during start and struck on its left wing, became a spaceship cause of death. According to the head of the program of flights of shuttles R.Dittmora, inspectors interests, whether was any other incident which could lead to ship destruction some minutes prior to the flight termination.
the head of the program of shuttles has noticed that committee-men analyze work of the automatic monitoring system of the ship which tried to result the spaceship in a steady condition, despite increasing aerodynamic resistance on the left wing. At the moment experts last 32 seconds of flight of a shuttle especially interest. This data has not been processed in Control centre of flights from - for poor quality of an electronic signal, has noted R.Dittmor.
we Will remind that Columbia has suffered accident on February, 1st, 2003. The shuttle has blown up in air over American state Texas. As a result of accident seven crewmen were lost.