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Black the market of medicines is estimated in 250 - 300 mln. dollars

Black the market of medical products in Russia is estimated in 250 - 300 million dollars About it today on joint board of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and MERT has declared fulfilling duties of the head of department Gostorginspektsii MERT of the Russian Federation Nadezhda Nazina.
As she said, about 10 % from total amount of realisation of medicines counterfeit production makes, 67 % of a counterfeit - domestic production production. Last year Gostorginspektsija has spent 800 checks various legal and physical persons in which result infringements have been established. The most widespread infringements in trade sphere farmpreparatami are infringements of storage, realisation, and also sale of the goods with the expired working life.
the Russian pharmaceutical market was one of the most growing markets in the Eastern Europe. So, in 2002 in Russia it has been sold medicines on 2,8 bln. dollars However, according to experts, the market has reached a ceiling and in 2003 to grow any more will not be. The volume of foreign deliveries of medicines for last year has decreased on 12 %, and the domestic production has decreased for 3 %. Such contradiction speaks simply: in the end of 2001, before VAT introduction, to Russia a considerable quantity of import preparations has been delivered record-breaking.