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The Office of Public Prosecutor of Turkey has brought accusations to 69 terrorists

Office of Public Prosecutor of Turkey has brought accusations 69 suspected of participation in acts of terrorism with Istanbul in the end 2003.
According to news agency Anatolia, in 128 - the page indictment punishment in the form of lifelong imprisonment for five suspects and in the form of imprisonment by term from 4,5 till 22,5 years for the others 64 - h is offered. All suspects - citizens of Turkey who as it is supposed, were included into local division Al - Kajedy .
we Will remind that last year in Istanbul it has been made four explosions: two 15 - go and two on November, 20th. On November, 15th explosions have thundered in two synagogues. As a result of these explosions which have occurred practically simultaneously, 23 persons were lost, more than 200 have got wounds. On November, 20th the first of explosions has thundered at 23 - a floor building of bank HSBC, the second - at the British consulate.
In both cases terrorists used the trucks filled with an explosive which terrorists - suicides operated. Responsibility for acts of terrorism was incurred by the extremist groupings declaring the communications with Al - Kajedoj .