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The murderer of the Swiss aviadispatcher has appeared Russian

Police of Switzerland has arrested dispatcher Skyguide suspected of murder operating flights at night of accident Bashkir They be 154.
Representatives of police have confirmed that the arrested person on suspicion in murder of dispatcher Skyguide has lost in 2002. In an air crash over Boden sea the wife, the son and the daughter.
the dispatcher has been killed on the night of February, 25th in own house in suburb of Zurich.
after a short exchange of sharp remarks the criminal has put to the master of the house a mortal blow a knife. We will notice that on suspicion in murder the police searched for the person, which spoke bad German and, probably, was Russian .
the Lost that person who kept the watch in day when over Boden sea two air liners have faced - They be 154 airlines the Bashkir airlines and transport Boeing - 757 companies DHL. As a result of tragedy was lost 71 persons, including 57 flying on rest to Spain teenagers, and also 12 crewmen of the Russian plane and 2 pilots of plane Boeing.
Accident has occurred in an air zone which is supervised by Switzerland, though and over German territory. According to investigation, the negligence of the dispatcher of company Skyguide became the main cause of the tragedy: the pilot They be 154, being guided by commands of the dispatcher, has begun plane decrease that has led to collision with Boeing.
However up to that moment when the originator of tragedy was revealed by a consequence, the company and its employees tried to duck out, having laid the blame for an event on the Russian pilots. In particular it was informed that pilots badly knew English to carry on negotiations with land services, and also that by the Russian plane there was no special equipment for automatic prevention of collision in air. As it was found out later, all these charges have appeared groundless.