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Ibragimovich has set an example soldiers

In Europe this night matches of the second round of a group stage of League of champions have been played. Round for the Russian fans has stood out not the best. The soldiers individually representing in the European tournament Russia, could not dozhat a Turk on the home field and win a victory. After defeat in   Holland and in a match with Zenith   CSKA was intends to use the best efforts for a victory over Turkish Fenerbahche . However, strangely enough, it once again it was not possible to Muscovites. Despite an abundance of the moments for a capture of gate to win soldiers have lost game advantage and desire to themselves. In the beginning of a match the error of the defender has compelled club all first half to recoup. When the command has managed to break a course of a meeting and to hammer in two goals, the error in the end of a match of Mandrykina has deprived a command of two important points. They can not suffice club on finish of a group stage, however blame a command can only itself. Pleases that   for soldiers Italians on the home field against Dutches today have played. If PSV here has won, in group G there would be an unequivocal leader that before solving games with Interom for CSKA it is absolutely bad. And so, the double of Ibragimovicha in gate PSV leaves chances to commands on a bright ending of an autumn part of tournament. Anyway, if Gazzayev`s wards want to play successfully in Europe, it will be necessary to take points in a match with Interom that, naturally, will make hardly. In group H, seemingly, intrigues will not be. Obvious favourites of group the Arsenal and Seville have gained victories over Romanian Stjaua and Czech Slaviej accordingly. Kanoniry in Romania efforts van Persi have pulled out points in the end of a match whereas Spaniards were quit with Czechs, having hammered in the whole 4 goals. However, Slavija looked not too badly, having written down in the active two productive attacks. League of champions. A group stage. The second round.

Group G
Inter (Italy) - PSV (Holland) - 2:0 (2:0)
Goals : Ibragimovich, 15 - a penalty, 31

Inter : Zhulio Sezar, Dzanetti, Samuel, Kivu, Maksvell, the Fig, Kambjasso, Stankovich, Solari (Boltsoni, 70), Ibragimovich, Krespo (Suazo, 62)
PSV : Eurelio Gomes, Salsido, Addo, Kromkamp (Bakkal, 69), Alsides, Kulina, Peres, Simmons, Mendes (Kuvermans, 56), Farfan (Ajssati, 75), Lazovich

CSKA (Russia) - Fenerbahche (Turkey) - 2:2 (0:1)
Goals : Krasich, 49, Wagner Lav, 53 - a penalty - Alex, 9, Dejvid, 85

CSKA : Mandrykin, V.Berezutsky, Ignashevich, And. Berezutsky, Krasich, Shemberas, Rahimich, Dudu (Aldonin, 90), Zhirkov, Zho, Wagner Lav
Fenerbahche : Demirel, Lugano (Gekhan, 77), Edu (Yasin, 71), Turachi, Roberto Carlos, Profit (Kazim, 71), Aurelio, Alex, Vederson, Dejvid, Kezhman

Group H
Stjaua (Romania) - the Arsenal (England) - 0:1 (0:0)
the Goal : van Persi, 76

Stjaua : Zapata, It is glad, Peter, Badja (Jacob, 60), Dike, Emegara, Nikolitse, Bachu, Marinas, Njaga (Zaharja, 77), Surdu
the Arsenal : Almunija, Sanja, Fabregas, Kolo Round, Senderos, van Persi, Gleb, Flamini, Klishi, Adebajor, Ebue (Zhilberto Silva, 73)

Seville (Spain) - Slavija (Czechia)   - 4:2 (2:1)
the Goal : Kanute, 8, Fabiano, 27, Eskjude, 58, the Game, 69 -   Pudil, 10, Kalivoda, 90

Seville : Palop, Daniel Alves, Bulahruz, Eskjude, Dragutinovich, Sejdu Kejta, Hesus Navas (Duda, 75), Poulsen, Adriano, Luis Fabiano (A.Kone, 64), Kanute
Slavija : Vanjak, Gubachek, Shvets, Vlchek, Janda (Kalivoda, 63), Drizhdal (Ivan, 46), the Show rivers, Pudil, Are dry, Krajchik, Belaid (Voleshak, 70)