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Gazzayev: At such level of errors do not forgive

After a match of the second round of a group stage of League of champions with Fenerbahche (2:2) the head coach of CSKA Valery Gazzayev recognised that both goals passed by its command became a consequence of gross blunders, transfers Sports - the Express train. last minutes I would explain a goal an error. Yes we have passed both balls as a result of the roughest errors, and at such level of an error do not forgive, - Gazzayev on a press - conferences has told. - but as a whole it is very happy with game, motivation of players. Wanted to please fans, but, unfortunately, these ridiculous errors have led to such result . - What to you see further perspekitivy CSKA on tournament?
- they difficult. Certainly, one point in two games - not absolutely good result. We will try and play to last match. What to do, probably, year such at us. - why you have postponed replacement of Aldonina?
- I planned to make this replacement earlier, but was not in time - we have passed a goal. In second half second a time, of course, we were held by the account. Besides, children had not time to be restored after a difficult match with Zenith have got a bit tired, and this weariness has prevented to realise very good possibilities which at us were.