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Rum the revenge on " is not has gone right; Old Trafford

Rum it was not possible to take a revenge for humiliating defeat from Manchester United in a quarterfinal of the previous draw of League of champions. Commands met again on Old Trafford and wards of sir Alex Ferguson again have won. Truth this time with the modest account 1:0. Fans of football hardly should be reminded in detail that has occurred in the nice city of Manchester on April, 10th this year. After a victory on the home field with the account 2:1 Romans expected to be overcome for an exit in a semi-final, but have been subject to cruel beating - 7:1. Then already to 19 - j to minute Michael Kerrrik, Alan Smith and Wayne Runi have hammered on a ball into gate of Doni, than shocked world community much. This time Rum has been aimed to be rehabilitated by all means before the fans. As and in last round of a series And dzhallorossi Have lost on the home field to the basic contender Interu - 1:4. The leader of Italian club Franchesko Totti even has declared that it on Old Trafford the victory with the account 7:0 will arrange only.   However, in the first time visitors seldom enough disturbed the Polish goalkeeper mankuniantsev Tomasha Kushchak replacing injured Dutch Edvina Van der Sara. On the contrary, the excellent chance to cause a stir was missed by owners - Runi has at a short distance punched above gate after giving of Nani. Performed by Rums it is possible to remember two high points in second half of meeting. At first after Louis Zhjuli`s pass Totti has wide of the mark missed, and then dangerously beat Alberto Akvilani. To hammer as a result it was possible the MU . The role Ferguson`s successful replacement has played. On 66 - j to minute instead of nothing it has let out the remembered Frenchman Lui Saa in the field of Argentinean Carlos Tevesa, and the collar of Romans became at once hot. On an edge of attacks Runi who has unpacked gate of Doni after a combination with Michael Kerrika`s participation and Nani on 70 - j to minute - 1:0 was put forward. Red devils with two victories in two matches confidently are in the lead in group F, on three points advancing to Rum and Lisbon sporting . And here Kiev dinamovtsy while no points have. In accounting round it is white - blue under the direction of new - old head coach Joseph Sabo of the house at the Olympic stadium have conceded to the Portuguese club with the account 1:2. Already on 14 - j to minute after flank giving the goalkeeper of owners Alexander Shovkovsky has unsuccessfully returned a ball, which at first has got to the central defender lissabontsev to the Tunnel, and   then has flown in empty gate. a dynamo it was possible to recoup on 28 - j to minute when Vladislav Vashchuk has shot the goalkeeper sportinga Vladimir Stojkovicha after a filigree pass a heel performed by Goran Gavranchicha. Meanwhile, to a break visitors could come forward again -     Shovkovsky Anderson Polga has used the next error. In the second time champions of Ukraine furiously attacked, but anything could not change. In their structure absence of the injured Ismaelja Bangura, in a short space of time had time to become the leader of attacks of a command was clearly felt. As to the Russian legionary of visitors Marata Izmaylov it has appeared in the field only on 68 - j to minute. From - for small damages eks - the railwayman only on the eve of a duel has started trainings. In group E the second victories have gained Barcelona and Rejndzhers . Catalans on departure have overcome the champion of Germany Stuttgart - 2:0. The account on 53 - j was opened to minute by the captain sine - garnet Karles Pujol which more recently have come back in the field after a trauma. The result to a match was brought by the magnificent Argentinean Leonel Messi gradually turning in leaders of a command. And it at live Ronaldinho who anywhere is not going to leave. By the way, in Germany left on a green lawn since first minutes and operated very sharply. By the way, Messi hammers already in five matches successively. Scots on departure have crushed in the meantime the best club of France of last six years Lyons which in this season yet has not found the game - 3:0. Whether Makalloh, Daniel Kuzen and Damarkus Bisli have caused a stir. Now liontsam it will be extremely difficult to leave group, in which they along with Barsoj were considered as the main favourites.             league of champions. A group stage. 2 - j round

Group E
Lyons (France) - Rejndzhers (Scotland) - 0:3 (0:1)
Goals : Makkallok, 23, the Cousin, 48, Bisli, 53
Lyons : Verkutr, Bodmer (Ben Arfa, 60), Chelstrem, Barosh (Kejta, 60), Zhunino Pernambukano, Benzema, Grosso, Govu, Revejer (Kler, 81), the Anderson, Skilachchi
Rejndzhers : McGregor, Hatton, Vejr, Papach, Ferguson, Hemdani, Thomson, Bizli, Kueljar, Makkallok (It is new, 81), the Cousin (Uittaker, 66)

Stuttgart (Germany)   - Barcelona (Spain) - 0:2 (0:0)
Goals : Pujol, 53, Messi, 67
Stuttgart : SHefer, Osorio (Marika, 63), Taschi, to Fernando Mejra, Farnerud (Majssner, 76), Pardo, Sides, Kakau, Hilbert, Hedira (Manin, 76), Gomes
Barcelona : Valdes, Marquez (Pujol, 7, Silvino, 64), Havi, Inesta, Ronaldinho (Krkich, 82), Anri, Messi, to the Deck, Tjuram, Abidal, Oleger

Group F
the Dynamo To (Ukraine) - sporting (Portugal) - 1:2 (1:2)
Goals :   Vashchuk, 28 -   Tonel, 14,   Half-hectare, 38
the Dynamo : Shovkovsky, Gioane (Gusev, 56), Korrea, Diogo Rinkon, Shatsky, Mihalik, Milevsky (Kleber, 58), Vashchuk, the Ale - Kadduri, Gavranchich, Jussuf
Sporting : Stojkovich, Anderson Polga, Ronni, Vukchevich (Izmaylov, 68), Tonel, Jannik Dzhalo, Migel Velozu, Zhoau Moutinju, Romanoli (Paredes, 77), Liedson, Abel

Manchester United (England) - Rum (Italy) - 1:0 (0:0)
the Goal : Runi, 70
the MU : Kushchak, Evra, Ferdinand, Krishtianu Ronaldu, Saa (Teves, 66), Runi, Vidich, Kerrik, Nani (Giggz, 80), Skoulz, O`SHi
Rum : Kurchi, Sisino, Zhuan, Mekses, Akvilani (Pisarro, 62), Totti, Zhjuli (Espozito, 80), de Rossi, Perrotta, Tonetto, Mansini (Vuchinich, 74)