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Moscow has left an UEFA Cup. VIDEO

  Anton Mozgovoj  
Unique Russian club to which did not manage to make the way in a group stage of an UEFA Cup, predictably, became « Moscow ». Capital football players have essentially complicated the problem still 2 weeks ago, having passed houses from « Copenhagen » 2 balls. But, despite the status of the outsider which has been appropriated to a Russian team after that meeting, Muscovites have shown combativity and were close to success.
the starting piece of a meeting remains for the home team. « Copenhagen » at once presses visitors from Russia to collars and these minutes it seems that the first goal - only a matter of time. Already on 5 - j to minute Danes inexplicably do not realise an absolute scoring chance, anybody from attacking owners are not in time on a sharp lumbago along gate.
Approximately to 10 - j visitors do not manage minute to take away game from own gate. Then Muscovites calm down and begin even more often « to stay » on half of field of the contender. However in some minutes « Copenhagen » again creates magnificent chance for a capture of gate. Sandin after an error of protection of the Moscow command jumps out in private with Zhevnovym.
But attacking the Danish command what for - that decides to pass to the partner, small zameshki it appears enough and protection of visitors has time to neutralise threat. As a result the account on a board remains former. To the middle of the first time game is levelled, commands reduce rate and start to operate more carefully. These minutes, nevertheless, small advantage owners own.
Reaktsiju Zhevnova from a distant distance checks Kristensen - the goalkeeper « Moscow » on a place. On 32 - j minute is followed by the next attack « Copenhagen » Small repassing in penal « Moscow » comes to the end on Kviste. The halfback of owners decides to punch not on force, and on accuracy. Blow at Kvista turns out quite good, but Zhevnov rescues again the command from a goal, taking away a ball in a magnificent jump.
after this attack of owners « Moscow » changes. Visitors not bad combine on another`s half of field and look much more active, than in a starting piece. The successful actions allocate Brakamonte. The Argentina legionary « Moscow » goes in obvodku several contenders, moves across the field much and conducts behind itself partners. The apogee of activity of visitors attacks to 36 minute.
Cyril Nababkin accepts a ball in the penal area « Copenhagen » also makes an attempt to strike blow. The ball is cut off from a foot of the defender « Moscow » also flies aside from gate where unexpectedly it appears... Brakamonte! Attacking visitors a hip are forwarded by a ball by taken aback Kristiansena - 0:1! Muscovites win back one ball, in spite of the fact that in the first time « Copenhagen » looked much more preferable than the contender. After the hammered ball Russians any more do not allow Danes to press themselves to collars and inspired go forward.
Second half of meeting begins easy enough. Football players of both clubs refuse from ostroatakujushchih actions and start a systematic siege of gate of the contender. But on 54 - j to minute there comes the key moment of a meeting, and all dvuhraundovogo oppositions.
one of item attacks of Danes comes to the end with a pass in penal Muscovites where Sheshukov not in the best way plays. The defender « Moscow » at attempt to take out a ball cuts off it in own gate. « round » on a faultless trajectory flies through Zhevnova who have jumped out of gate - 1:1.
However the passed ball does not enter visitors into a stupor condition: after all and before it was necessary for Muscovites to hammer at least in 2 balls. Before the meeting termination still remains more than 30 minutes that it is quite enough again to amaze gate of the contender. However game at FK « Moscow » it is not glued. The instructor of visitors Oleg Blohin changes at once two football players: instead of Santosa Lago and Samedova appear Marksmen and Chesnauskis.
Vyhod Chesnauskisa recovers game of visitors and one of the first attacks with its participation hardly was does not become goal. The halfback « Moscow » easily leaves from several contenders and escapes on a rendezvous with the goalkeeper « Copenhagen ». However Chesnauskisu does not suffice speed and it is overtaken by one of defenders of owners, falling of the football player « Moscow » does not make on the arbitrator of a meeting of Gjumenni any impression.
on 70 - j to minute visitors all - taki amaze gate « Copenhagen » However finishing blow puts ubiquitous Brakamonte from position « off side ». The account does not change. During remained time FK « Moscow » tries to operate both number, and ability, but Danes nevertheless keep neutral result. To leave in a group stage of an UEFA Cup Muscovites miss last chance already during added time: distant blow of Rebko hardly parries Jesper Kristiansen. All football players gather For last angular in penal the contender « Moscow » including Zhevnova, but Danes take out a ball and rush to amaze empty gate. However and this attack comes to the end with anything. The final whistle - 1:1 sounds.
FK « Moscow » stops in a step from participation in a group stage of an UEFA Cup. For the sake of justice it is necessary to notice that Danes deserved a victory in it dvuhraundovom opposition much more. It is necessary to remember at least the first meeting « Moscow » and « Copenhagen ». Then visitors completely have changed owners and had the right to complain about low realisation and the account which are not reflecting a real parity of forces. Anyway Muscovites have received invaluable experience of participation in Euro cups, and with present problems of capital club and it it is quite enough.
an UEFA Cup. 1 - j a round. A return match
Copenhagen (Denmark) - Moscow (Russia) - 1:1 (0:1)
Goals:   SHeshukov, 54 - an autogoal - Brakamonte, 36
Copenhagen : Kristiansen, Vendt, Jorgensen, Laursen, Pospeh, Kvist, Kristensen, Nerregord, Hutchinson, Nordstrand (Sonko, 70), Santin.
Moscow : ZHevnov, Kuzmin, Godunok, Sheshukov, Epurjanu, Nababkin, Bystrov (Rebko, 89), Rikardu (Chesnauskis, 65), Ivanov, Samedov (Marksmen, 65), Brakamonte.

the First match - 2:1