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E.Giner: I do not want, that Gazzayev fainted on a bench

the President of CSKA Evgenie Giner has given the big interview in which has told about champion ambitions of the club, about the new trainer and about many other things.
- in last six matches of CSKA has typed 16 points. You believe, what your club will manage to revive a champion intrigue?

- each command, as well as at each person, has launches and falling. I think, from last year we had not the most successful period. Now, fortunately, all behind. CSKA shows football which pleases both fans, and experts. An intrigue, I think, will remain. We intend to struggle for a champion`s title though games remained uneasy. Besides it is impossible to dismiss other clubs., For example, very much it is pleasant to me, as now plays Zenith .

- Even if soldiers will pass the championship rest lost-free, it is not enough of it to return a champion title. It is necessary still that lost points the Ruby ...

- we at ourselves in club do not consider, where and when can stumble the Ruby the Dynamo Amkar or someone else. We think only that it is necessary to win. To leave on each match and to give all the best with full return.

in Croatia, for example, when played the first match of an UEFA Cup with local club, football players left in the field slightly weakened. Thought, take the contender barehanded. Have as a result received a goal in the gate. After a break have got down to business - and all has risen at once on the places. And remember a yesterday`s match of League of champions between Romanian CHFR and Chelsea . At Englishmen in subconsciousness that fact for certain sat that they meet the little-known contender. As a result - 0:0.

it is necessary to concern each match with all gravity. Now CSKA should be played with himkami which struggle for a survival and leave against us extremely otmobilizovannymi. It will be necessary to give all the best for hundred percent: to lose points we have no right. Yes all remained matches simple will not be. a ruby Amkar Moscow the Dynamo - the good commands, everyone will try to give battle.

- CSKA, happened, had problems in duels with weaker contenders. It was possible to recover from this illness?

- In my opinion, the champion is just the one who successfully opposes serednjakov and outsiders.

- in what all - taki there was a reason of recession in the end of the past and the beginning of this year?

- If we knew, would overcome recession much earlier. I think, it is simply vital period through which it was necessary to pass. How many it could last - anybody did not know. That about us only did not write! One supposedly do not want to play, and at others does not remain to motivation... Actually all was not so.

- What role two things have played in an exit from recession: the announcement of forthcoming leaving from Valery Gazzayev`s command and what Wagner Lav actually remained the unique Brazilian in structure?

- No communication here is present. And Wagner at us not one Brazilian.

- but same Ramon does not appear for a long time in the field.

- He did not play, as had problems with a knee. A specific situation: it is impossible to operate, as in that case it can finish in general with football. Now Ramon is restored, very much wants to play and make the way in the basic structure. Yes, CSKA has released Zho and Dudu. But unless we could keep them violently? I consider so: if on the player there is worthy in every respect an offer, to obstruct transition it is impossible.

- the Hint have understood...

- I at all do not mean a situation with Arshavinym, if you about it. Similar examples it is possible to result set. Our clubs should not be donors of the European football. But to release people and to freshen commands it is necessary. Otherwise anybody to us will not go any more. Our championship for the present has not reached level of English, Spanish or Italian.

CSKA will necessarily invite new football players. And it is quite possible, among them there will be also Brazilians. They inherently cannot play the fool in the field. Football - their life.

- unless besides Karvalju at you was not claims from - for excess weight?

- Claims at me are to themselves - kgs five - six will not prevent to throw off. But there are genetic features of an organism. We saw that Karvalju very much tried to result itself in norm. Adhered to a diet, seriously was engaged. On the other hand, the command could not play ten together. Yes, Karvalju is capable to give a magnificent pass or to strike irresistible blow and to decide destiny of a match. It was the dilemma, and we have solved it thus. I hope, from Brazil it will return in a good condition.

- watch it?

- And as! It has typed almost fighting weight, yet up to the end maintains a competition, but leaves on replacements, and sometimes and from the beginning of matches.

- you represent Karvalju together with Dzagoevym in CSKA starting lineup?

is a main thing for the trainer - to present, how to reduce in the field of all talented players playing one position. I remember, apropos Chelsea were perplexed: how Joe Cole, Maluda, - players of one role - will play Robben together? And anything, the trainer has understood. It after all to it a question. He should see, how on what game to place football players who should play today, who tomorrow. And the competition still disturbed to nobody: rotation is always good because to serious club all year should be played in three days on the fourth. Though in our country of week cycles it is more: we play in the summer, when everywhere a break.

in other countries so it is impossible, especially in what have the big representation in Euro cups and on 20 commands in the higher battalions. Who can seldom play 50 - 55 matches for a season at one level. The problem of the trainer - to find out, who is better for today who is more necessary in the given match. It with it is helped by the scientific group defining best in a physical condition.

- in what all - taki there was a main sense of the announcement of Gazzayev`s resignation?

- the Main sense was not. We are not going to deceive anybody. It is the press that removes Valery Georgievicha leaves it in a command, tells, whom from trainers I met, who from them does not suit me under the salary, who for other reasons. We declared: Valery Georgievich works till the end of the year. He too should have a rest - the person of 20 years works day by day. Though on a science to work on one place it is necessary five, six, well seven years - irrespective of, the trainer you or, say, the journalist. Then it is required or to make a break, or something to change. There are, of course, phenomena - both in football, and in other areas, - but all the same something should change. We so have solved - and declared it: what to hide?

is there was your initiative or Gazzayev?

- We sat, talked to Valery Georgievichem and here - have solved. Who has offered the first, now at all I will not remember.

- But not for one put you have come to such decision?

- Is not present. Valery Georgievich was tired. At the trainer, as well as at the journalist, work creative.

- that is upon termination of the championship Gazzayev will leave?

- We declared this all club, together with Valery Georgievichem and with children. And who will be the head coach, I promised to inform after 30 - go championship round.

- now the command left tournament pique, alternation of generations is spent, the tactical scheme is changed - that is all is made for what waited. There are chances of a gold double. And all it - at Gazzayev. Perhaps it is better to it to remain?

- Think, I in the end of a season will tell, what Valery Georgievich remains, - and there and then I will declare, what it leaves the next year? (Laughter in a hall.) That the command has fallen on the ninth place, has excited not only me, but also children. We have passed to other scheme of game, there were new players - on all it is necessary time, by magic becomes nothing. It was necessary to be played, get used to each other, half a year that game has been fulfilled to trifles was required at least. At good theatre not only fine actors play - there is still a director, and all is fulfilled, and spectators take pleasure. When the falseness is felt, we do not receive pleasure, even if actors good and the director quite good.

- all is a pity - taki: the command shows almost the best game in the prime minister - league, and the head coach all the same leaves.

- Let`s understand - it is a pity that? I have passed in 2001 when at me the trainer on a bench fainted and died. And all spoke: why Pavel Fedorovich (Sadyrin. - a comment SE ) Not so trains? I have passed the hardest moment when Serezha Perhun has died. When the most complicated trauma have found at Eugene Varlamov, and nobody knew, than it will end, - thank God, all has managed.

therefore to lead up Valery Georgievicha before that he has started to faint on a bench, I do not want. It is convinced: any person should have a rest. Here you go on leave - on two, three weeks. At the Russian trainer that you understood, holidays are not present. So it is possible to live the year, well two. But 20 years - are impossible! It is connected with system on which we play our championship. Perhaps this theme already many has bothered, but it is impossible so to live.

Look: the strong club acting in Euro cups, plays till December, 19th. That 13 - on February, 14th to act in 1/ 16 UEFA Cup finals or in 1/ 8 endings of League of champions, the command should be collected at least on January, 10th. It is necessary to the trainer already by this moment seriously to be prepared. They are children can receive pair - a three of weeks of holiday. And for what time there can leave the trainer? A maximum for a week.

the person not in a condition from year to year so to live. Its health will give failure. And when there is no the health, any results are necessary to nobody.

(after a pause.) This year Valery Georgievich has transferred much. In Kazan, for example, it had the hardest hypertensive crisis. You approach to this question a little differently, than I. You do not argue so: the person needs to have a rest any time, and in half a year or year, maybe, to return. But for any time to take a respite, to look at all absolutely differently. You approach so: the command badly played, Giner declared that Gazzayev leaves. Then the command has played well, and is necessary this decision to reconsider. No. Valery Georgievich was simply tired. The respite what is the time will last - I can not answer. About it knows only its organism.

that Valery Georgievich has worked in CSKA so much successful years, has occurred in many respects thanks to that in 2004 it was possible manage half a year. Too all wrote: in the previous season the command became the champion, and Giner, say, it has cleaned. But I simply saw a condition of the person and understood that it is emaciated. That it needs to depart from all and about all to forget. As a result as early as four years we with it have won back. With the big achievements.

- what you will have criteria at a choice of the new head coach?

- While I would leave it at myself. I will tell in December.

- tell fairly: you already know, who it?

- I Speak absolutely frankly: I do not know. Such questions, I consider, quickly it is impossible to solve. Not important, the Russian it will be or the foreigner, young or elderly. I took for myself two - three months to weigh all for and against . In the beginning it is necessary to have enough considerable quantity of nominees which then will be reduced on the sly. After all it is very important, that the trainer has approached CSKA. With the football player the same: it can be the most star, but to system of our command not to approach.

it is impossible to change structure, club philosophy. You very often write that is lost spartakovsky style. Perhaps that style which name beskovskim, in today`s football can exist, and can, it has become obsolete. It is separate conversation which experts should conduct. But the command philosophy should remain always. In our case - CSKA philosophy. This most important. It is impossible to build instead of CSKA Real or Manchester United . CSKA should remain CSKA. And how to play, solve to trainers.
- we will talk about the championship - 2008. Expected, what its course will appear so unusual? That at the head of the table will go the Ruby the Dynamo Amkar and favourites - Zenith CSKA, Spartak the Locomotive - will appear in a role catching up?

- If I will tell that expected, it will be a lie. Considered that clubs which you have listed in the beginning, - a so-called second wave which will struggle for places in an UEFA Cup. In it, under my assumptions, entered also Saturn . But has developed differently. It is football!

now say that happens next year, if " much; the Ruby the Dynamo or Amkar will play to League of champions. Probably, to it it will be heavy. Even to Zenith well played and against Juventus and against Real there is no experience to take the deserved points. Nevertheless a sports principle still nobody cancelled. Both the championship - 2008 will end - and we will play Euro cups.

as to problems of premieres - leagues, - that their weight. Different interpretations in judicial decisions, work of television and other mass-media... It seems to me, and Spaniards, Danes, Dutches are going to buy our championship which Italians already look, it is necessary not to abuse now, and to support. To me have told an interesting thing. At meeting of leading European trainers where there was a Lawyer and Gazzayev, Arsene Venger asks the Lawyer: You, Dik, on what place in the championship go? - on the sixth . - And you, Valery? - on the fifth . Venger was surprised: Listen, who at you the first?! as in that joke: Who the passenger, if the president at the wheel?!

each club chooses, as to it to play. One are left by ten persons on the half and in counterattack use the unique chance. Others aspire to show game football. A match Zenith - CSKA - not because we have won, perish the thought! - all Europe could look with pleasure: it was the beautiful match. Yes, can, Italians will tell: In what supposedly football they play, if both at those, and at others in defence a double-exit courtyard, 20 scoring chances arise!

to Italians with their love to protection, can, game " more will be pleasant; the Ruby in a match with the Dynamo . But on me it is better to play how in a duel Zenith from CSKA than as play clubs of the Italian series And, and at us - the Ruby or Amkar . However time it is not forbidden, means, those clubs have a just cause on such game. And CSKA, Zenith Spartak the Locomotive should be able to open such serious defence.

now at the expense of one name you will beat nobody. To take match BATE against Juventus . In one command - Del Pero, Nedved and other stars. And whether much we knew surnames of football players of the Belarus club before they left in group tournament of League of champions? And how many experts name structure of the Romanian club from a city... How it, Kulozh?

- Kluzh.

- Yes, Kluzh. And they beat on a visit to Rum also play in a draw with Chelsea .

- What Russian clubs, in your opinion, show today football of the European level?

- On - to mine, only CSKA and Zenith . Performed by these commands football always to look pleasantly. And irrespective of, they have won or have lost... Know, I have come as - that to Germany on an exhibition. Has seen a cloth - a huge blue square. It is more than anything. And people stand, for something look out and guess: what did the artist want to tell it? And so, looking at game Amkara at once you understand, that from it wanted by Bozhovich. And Krasnozhan - from Spartaka from Nalchik. It, by the way, in general the big good fellow. From year to year does a nice command though collects not clearly whom and it is not clear whence. Here only neither Krasnozhan, nor Bozhovich, their some colleagues owing to the objective reasons cannot put to the commands other game. Such at them selection of football players.

- CSKA philosophy includes that game football which you have mentioned?

- Certainly! When in 2003 - m we have won gold medals, us constantly criticised in a press. Said that CSKA has not shown champion football. But you remember that structure. At all respect for children many of them to champion level nedotjagivali. Someone has already reached a ceiling, someone as brothers Berezutsky on which then only the lazy has not walked, it was still too young. That command showed Cossack football. But since 2004 of CSKA in such football does not play. Why?

- Why?

- executors Have changed. Remember smart goals of Zhirkova to the Locomotive and to Hamburg after solo passes. That created Jura, it is often possible to see in a court yard. Where there is no trainer who in such situation will start to shout: Where you drag a ball?! And well a pass give! unfortunately, at our schools and obvodke trainers give to the technics not enough attention. Game football about which I speak, is constructed on improvisation. It that the pleasure gives and is remembered for years. CSKA propagandises game football and is not going to put in protection on eight persons.

- Means, and the trainer will select proceeding from it?

- (Laughs.) No, the trainer we will find on nine defenders. To play by a principle: Beat forward, and attack will come .

- If not stadium building, CSKA selection in this season would be another?

- Building of arena to a transfer policy of club does not disturb. We cannot simply pay for football players on 30 million euro, as Zenith . Though Danni of objectively such money is not necessary. However, 30 million as it was found out, not a limit. Manchester of City in the summer also has at all laid out for Robinju 40 with superfluous millions euro. But to any it is clear that to Russia such player as Robinju, will not go, how many to it offer. I remember, when Belous wanted to call in in Moscow a Fig, one my companion has told to it with laughter: JUr before to invite the Fig, bring it at first on East. Show stadium, a locker room...

That to us there have gone stars, at first it is necessary to create an infrastructure. And to lift championship level. Speech not about that at us was 14 about equal clubs on force. Such anywhere in the world is not present. Everywhere there are those who on a head above the others. Plus to them is periodically tightened still pair - a three of commands from the second wave. At us it today the Ruby Amkar the Dynamo . Tomorrow, probably, their places will occupy Wings and Saturn .

I can list you a heap of football players which invited in CSKA. But all of them have chosen England, Spain, Italy.

- for example?

- Nani and the Anderson, which now in the MU . Tevesa called, when he still played Korintians . With Kaka in general already about all have agreed. However, he has warned at once that it still has a variant with Milan . Have converged on that if Italians within three days all - taki will dare to buy Kaka, from our party of obstacles will not arise. It is a pity, of course, but not to start up the player in Milan it would be simple rudeness. But now in Brazil all know: it is possible to go to CSKA safely - here players concern on - chelovecheski.

- If to speak about transfers and stadiums, just those years when was under construction Emirejts the Arsenal has lost activity in the market...

- it is heavy To me to speak, I do not know the budget the Arsenal . But that me in Ventere, so it that it always took few star players constantly surprised. On the contrary, opened youth. Unlike the same Ferguson who prefers expensive football players who have revealed. Perhaps in days of stadium building the salary sheet - but not transfer was cut down. Personally I cannot remember lately though one big purchase the Arsenal .

- As soon as have completed stadium, have bought for the big money of Adebajora.

- By the way, about Adebajore. I and have agreed about this player with Monaco the question has been solved. But has then arisen the Arsenal . Clearly, the boy has chosen London.

- but you after all will not leave attempts to invite very talented players?

- Certainly, we will not leave! While I did not hear that CSKA supposes many errors. Certainly, from them not to leave. And we were mistaken yet in qualities of the certain football player, and in its ability to adapt for CSKA philosophy. For example, if Ferrejru took in Spartak or Zenith it, quite probably, would reveal. In CSKA - is not present. As Zhirkov has come to that moment.

When - that should be bought, when - that - is not present. To change a command every year it is impossible. Otherwise we will build half a year, and you same half a year to write that CSKA badly plays. Is pillars on which the command is under construction. It is 5 - 6 players, and they should show level every year. And we - to add to them someone. Unless at us a principle: Who will buy - that champion " more;?

More than once spoke: I against revolutionary measures concerning foreigners. Today thanks to legionaries our football grows. Though there are clubs which buy them only that they were. And we in CSKA look: aha, we at school have children who potihonechku have approached to the basic structure. It is possible to try. Mamayev, Dzagoev have played, to the basic structure admit Ryzhov, Shchennikova. On the way Vlasov and Klimeev, Perunov and Dzhalilov, Nigmatullin... It is the following young growth. We sometimes simply do not need additional purchases of players.

- before beginners in CSKA started to play at once - as Wagner, Zho or Jaroshik. And now some cannot reveal in any way. For example, Ramon, Kalouda, Janchik or Dzhaner...

- Give one after another. We will begin with Dzhanera. He/she is the young boy who adapted and, in my opinion, can play. Other question that there is Zhirkov who operates on the same position. Valery Georgievich lets out Dzhanera both on replacement, and in bowl games. In the field there are 11 persons, and sometimes even such strong football player as Dzhaner, with a fine pass and understanding of game, sits on a bench...

as to Kaloudy. Any player should join our championship, on it any time leaves. You can remember Zho or Olicha who have played at once, - but they came to CSKA the developed players. ZHo, for example, has won the championship of Brazil with Korintians . When doctors looked Kaloudu, at once us have warned - it is necessary to do pahovoe a ring. At certain game it will have a problem with a resulting muscle. And it has turned out: in Vladimir the muscle has not sustained. We expected to wait with operation till the end of the year - but as it has turned out so it has turned out. Now it is restored. I think, you will write about Kaloudu more many. It will be the big player.

Janchika all of us saw in the World championship for players till 20 years. But unless it is easy to play at once in a command where there is Wagner and Zho - forwards of Brazilian national team? CSKA cannot play five attacking. I think, on the sly it will admit to structure.

in last season there was an opposite situation, and it was first of all my error. We at all had no bench, and traumas have gone to any moment and some football players have left in national teams.

- talented players from your bench are ready to wait?

- All of them understand. They in a holder. The chance by all means will appear. I think, be not traumatised in Karvalju and play now in CSKA, would not see we Alan Dzagoeva.

- As, by the way, have made out it in Tolyatti?

- At us good selection group - Salkov, Shirinbekov... Constantly bring to me the big lists of football players. Dzagoeva we conducted it is more than half a year.

- competitors in struggle for this player was much?

- Competitors at us are always. Is not corporate ethics : we offer certain conditions to any player, about it learns other Russian club - and offers it much more. Recently tried to buy two football players, the Brazilian and the Swiss. But as a result on them from Russia such offer has come that that club undertook a head: Whence at you in the country it is so much money?! But both players have refused to that command the categorical form.

- offers on players of a national team after Euro was much?

- Is not present. And if have appeared, football players necessarily would know about it. To release the player we are ready, if to us offer its real transfer sum and the ready contract. When there will be an offer, will consider it. If to release the player only in a top - club and understanding that it will not appear on a bench, and will play. In that case it is possible and in the price to concede a little. Because life goes on and after that to us with the great pleasure there will go new football players. They will understand: we give the chance to grow, the slavery at us is not present.

- Speak to propose on Zhirkovu, to Moscow even there came the sports director Real Predrag Mijatovich?

is does not represent the facts. Mijatovich - my good friend. Came last year before a Russian Railway Cup. Has told that Real considers some nominees on a position of the left halfback. One of them - Jura. Has asked, whether I will release? I have answered that it is necessary to me. Has then thought - same Real club with such history! Next day has called back and has promised to release, if it has a desire to get Zhirkova. But business and is not has reached a reality. Spaniards then took other football player - it seems, Marselu.

- What transfer cost of Akinfeeva and Zhirkova?

- never considered this question. The offers sent by clubs on football players in which we were interested, I saw. To me them showed, because owners understand: everywhere there is a common sense. Cost of the player - concept relative. It cannot be counted up. For example, we watched Fellaini from Liege Standarda . It the basic halfback of the Belgian national team, acted on the Olympic Games. In our representation it is the good football player, but inexpensive. Englishmen ( an Everton . - the Comment SE ) Have bought it as I have read, for 18 million. To speak about cost, the concrete arrangement between clubs is necessary.

the prices usually develop of offers on football players of the same level. Why some stand 15, 20 or 40 million? At once also you will not tell. There are only small criteria influencing for the sum of the contract. For example, the football player from EU in Europe, probably, hardly will be more expensive, than the Russian as in one of the countries it is not considered the legionary. But it is concrete over possible contracts of Ignashevicha, Zhirkova, Akinfeeva without presence of offers I do not reflect. And what for? Easier to think? To lie at night and in a head zeroes to consider?

- on a place of shareholders Zenith Arshavina would sell?

- I want to remain on the place. But my opinion - it was necessary to release it. And in conversation with Alexander Djukovym about it to it has told. Certainly, Arshavin for Zenith All the same that Titov for Spartaka or Semak for CSKA. But there should be a side. Because now the guy can become isolated and cease to play. He will understand is its edge. Also what then? Have lost the player both for itself, and for others? And to leave Arshavina as a symbol - it is wrong.

- it is possible not to give other question for 15 million, and to ask 20. But it is necessary to release. Otherwise more nobody will go to this club. Certainly, the youth will come, considering that it is its limit. But so will be first three - four years. And then children will understand: is after all still Milan Bavaria Real the MU .

- whether purchase " Disturbs to work in the transfer market; Zenith Danni for 30 million?

- does not disturb - complicates. But on - to the present now all will impair a little life Manchester of City . Because the statement - how many club for the football player demands, so much and it is necessary to pay, - it is incorrect. The owner besides wants to buy up the children suitable a national team of the world. They can gather for one game. But star players do not equal to a star command. Someone should drag a grand piano. And the football player will not go to a command, knowing that on its place other, not less talented player with whom he, say, struggles for " acts; the Gold ball . Because for the star football player, whatever contract was, career is very important. Money - by itself. Some, truth, go simply from - for money...

- and in the Russian championship such it is a lot of.

- would not tell that it is a lot of. But any quantity is. Remember 90 - e years, departure of football players for Cyprus, to the Emirates? Today from - for money so will not go. In CSKA, for example, adequate salaries. Our children will not pass in any ordinary club which in the championship struggles for a survival. Even for the big money.

- as stadium building moves ahead?

- we Build. A foundation ditch have executed, we do underground works.

- are happy with rates?

- I Think, One person is happy with builders does not happen. Always it seems that they pull, something not so build. However there are objective things. Concrete as on it blow, will not stiffen earlier. I remember, washing the late grandmother when I came from street hungry, spoke: Here now I will sit down on a frying pan - and the potato will fast be roasted! as and on building: there are technological intervals, they will be not not reduced. It seems to me, build quickly. Though work in a ground - imperceptible and ungrateful. While the object has not risen over the earth, apparently, that plainly is made nothing. And actually very much the other way: at following stages business moves faster.

- when CSKA will play on new arena?

- I very much would like, that it there was an end of next summer. But more really to tell all - taki about autumn.

- that is start since 2010?

- It would be desirable earlier. To play, as Khimki at least two - three games of a following season at new stadium. But I will not think.

- what for you have bought the Moscow stadium October ?

- Superfluous for club one more sport construction will not be is in - the first. In - the second as soon as we will close which - what questions on October we will make there arena for advanced ages of army school and city base for the first command. Because at all convenience of Vatutinok to go there on stoppers it is heavy. Another matter - 20 - 25 minutes on capital.

- the prices for building materials constantly grow, and Zenith has already declared that cost of its new arena has increased to billion dollars. Whether you will rise in price also?

- At us such problem will not be: building, how many cost so much and will cost. Buildings nearby additional - another matter, there be required extradesign expenditure. That the club could exist without dependence from that, there is Giner or not Ginera. As to building materials I will afford as the businessman with you to argue: they do not rise in price, and become cheaper. In connection with world crisis of the price fall, and it is serious.

- why then rises in price zenitovsky the project?

- Ask shareholders Zenith when they to you will come. I never look in another`s pocket. However here that would like to tell separately. Except an infrastructure, there is one more important thing for our football. I consider that clubs in Russia should be private, independent of governors. Today the governor, let us assume, loves football, and tomorrow - hockey. And money for football any more does not allocate. It is wrong. Club the private capital should own. The state can participate in any image, there are no problems. Stadium, base, say, in common to own or operate, with flights to help. For now we will have social programs - that in such - that a city people could come and look at football at the expense of the budget, - football will not be.

in the prime minister - league it as - that has smoothed out, and here in the bottom echelons passions still boil: who where will rise or will fall. The dirt starts to emerge. Personal ambitions of governors face, as a matter of fact. I not against their love to football, but clubs businessmen necessarily should own. At least on 70 - 75 percent. Then all will settle into shape. Besides, the championship is obliged to earn money. And not virtual, but such, on which clubs could live. Without private business this question will not be adjusted. The president nalchikskogo " wants, let us assume; Spartaka which does for football much, to buy expensive player - please, let allocates money. But all life and salaries should provide club itself. That is to earn approximately 12 - 15 million - for commands from the bottom half of table. Count now the general profitableness of the championship.

and to the governor whence to take such money? It turns out, it is necessary to dodge, and at once realisation of the social program starts to border on law infringement. Here as here - fiscal bodies which operate more often selectively. Crack - have covered! And it is wrong.

- name though one reason, except love to football on which it would be interesting or favourable to private capital to get the Russian clubs. At us and league not profitable, and organizational problems you will not be gathered - continuous expenditure!

- it is correct. But all is interconnected. I to you again from positions of the businessman will tell: as soon as private traders will come, all will change. Other decisions begin to be made, with television strange inefficient contracts will not subscribe. For private business it is important, and to the representative of the governor by and large all the same, three million will give to its command or thirty, - speech - that not about its personal pocket! And here Fedun thinks of it, both Giner thinks, and Prokhorov. Or here still, if on - simple to argue: at the Russian Railway or Gazprom there is a possibility to allocate the big money for football. But after all it is possible and to enclose them in the profile branch, unless is not present? And the club let itself earns!

the private trader never would vote for such contract with television - 96 million dollars for four years. The Bundesliga itself earns 600 million euro, from them 100 gives to the first and second German leagues, that football in them of veins! In a year! It is less than on 500 million euro for a season at one of five leading leagues of Europe of contracts with television is not present. And we the sixth. Portugueses have more, at Dutches, Belgians, a Turk, Greeks. Have come to me, I remember, in 2006 people from one bookmaker company. We want, speak, to become the title sponsor of league. Please, I answer. 25 million will give? No, we will give 10. Thus the same office to the Portuguese league pays 50 million euro a year! We that, lapotniki? But such questions interest only private traders. And they do not excite hired governor`s workers: there is a first person who is obliged to find money, - and a point.

- you agree, what present CSKA on game makes more interesting impression, than in 2005?

- the Majority of the football players who have remained in a command, have got hand in, and, probably, it is possible to tell that game now more substantial. But on achievements 2005 became great for CSKA, and in general for all Russian football.

- through four rounds Dzagoev will play enough of matches to get to selection of the best player of a season under the version SE also will take there the second place after Zhirkova. What will tell?

- Alan - the capable young football player. If it and further as concern business will grow in very serious player. Also can adequately represent the country at club and national level. Someone considers that I try to protect it from excessive attention. But it not absolutely so: all people different, also all depends on the concrete person. Simply we already many times burnt - here and we blow on water. There is an opinion that the young player cannot pay much because money will corrupt it. But if he deserves it, why is not present? Or here still: young it is impossible to pay too much attention, differently becomes presumptuous. Too it do not agree - all depends on psychology. Here it is important, that club, the trainer, parents, it have supported an environment in such situation, have protected from the gushed positive responses of the press, the appeared money. I consider, for today advance payment is given to Dzagoevu. In a following season it will sponsor more seriously more to beat. If can continue to play such level during two - three years, becomes a star.

- as have reacted to the invitation of Dzagoeva in Russian national team?

- very much was delighted. At all I do not consider that to it there early. All depends on its psychology, and he should understand that it is advance payment. If will consider that already all has achieved, - will finish with football. Many of us passed test by publicity, a recognition in a youth, but not all have sustained. And where they - in beer? And those who has overcome it, became normal adequate people, without dependence from career, financial or other condition.

- you as consider - Dzagoev is capable to perceive correctly this situation?

- it is not assured that so deeply sign with its private world. If have asked about the son who every day at me before eyes, would answer. Alan I know not so well, but I think, it the person sane. Much depends on a command, collective which can help with such situation. It is happy that we have Rahimich: at it to me it is not necessary to think of youth. Elver protects them from all bad, the positive example sets, young look at it with open mouths.

- how many players you are going to take in the winter? And on what positions?

- I Think, a two. The creative basic halfback if the such we will find, certainly is necessary to us. We have Aldonin, Mamayev, Rahimich, Shemberas, but one more person on this position, especially such which can well create, will not prevent.

- and Kalouda?

- Kalouda - not opornik. He can play on flank or under attacking, but to sustain volume of work of the basic halfback to it hard. The second our priority - attacking.

- Wagner Lav thus remains?

- It is not going to leave anywhere! Wagner - very good person opened, fair. Besides, any more the boy who to us came: it has grown up and argues, as the adult man. Thus it is completely given to business, and all in CSKA suits him.

- and in general losses are expected?

- I to you now will tell that was not present, and then there will be offers from such clubs that we will not have the right to keep people. Therefore this question I can answer only in the end of winter.

- offers from Manchester of City will consider?

- Is not present. (Laughs.) If they there so squander money, let at first for Zho will pay in addition, and then we will talk.

- Zho, by the way, pleases you?

- He is a good fellow. By the way, coming back to the beginning of our conversation: well, on - to yours, plays Manchester of City ?

- it is quite good.

- And now count, how many there Brazilians. But you why - that do it only with reference to CSKA.

- as you consider, our players have a chance on - to the present to prove in Europe?

- Now - already yes.

- Meanwhile last examples of it do not confirm. All of us we remember history of Kerzhakova, now here at Pavljuchenko not all smoothly develops...

- My firm belief - it was impossible for Kerzhakovu to go in Seville . If he wanted to leave simply from Zenith That would pass in other Russian club is better still to grow up and choose then an optimum variant for itself. It is necessary to leave only in the the club, there, where all says that you will play. In this plan the situation with Pavljuchenko is not clear yet because we up to the end do not understand that itself represents present Tottenham . The prime minister - league should approach the Novel, but may be that in an Everton or Fulheme conditionally speaking, it would play, and that`s it in Tottenham it will not turn out - though God grant, of course, that it has turned out.

proceeding from the similar approach, and we in CSKA consider offers on our football players. Here you speak about Akinfeeve much, and Igor is really quite ready to playing for a top - club. But if someone becomes interested in it, we first of all will sit down with the football player and we will look - and whether he will constantly play to a new command or will sit down on a bench. After all if the such happens, the player anyhow will stop in growth and, moreover, will start to regress. And even the good salary of such variant does not justify. I at signing of the new contract with one of our players had recently a conversation on this theme. And he to me has told at once that it offers from premieres - leagues as in English football it well represents itself(himself) interest only, and here variants in Italy or Spain can to be considered at all as it there hardly will absolutely be entered. Here the approach also should be such.

leading football players, by the way, well understand it. Times of a saying that at mum three sons - two clever, and the third football player, - have left in the past. Today they should not be held on half a year on gathering not to collect otherwise on the beer. They perfectly understand all, earn very good money and know, on what these earnings depend.
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