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Start of Euro cups for Russia has not done without losses

Anton Mozgovoj this week the next matches of Euro cups have taken place. In an active of the Russian clubs only 1 victory which was extracted by the Moscow CSKA. The second defeat in a Champions League has suffered Zenith . Again pitertsam has not sufficed luck and wards of Dika Advokaata, at all without conceding the contender, and have not gained the first points. Spartak and Moscow have reduced the matches in a draw, for it is red - white it was enough, and here for townspeople - is not present. So, we sum up performance of the Russian clubs in Euro cups.
the Operating champion of the country and the owner of an UEFA cup Zenith has suffered the second defeat successively. Pitertsy have conceded to one of the strongest teams of Spain and the world - Madrid to Real . As well as in a match with Juventus Russians did not deserve defeat. But the facts are relentless - after 2 matches against direct competitors for an exit in plej - off Leagues of champions Zenith and has no typed points. Directly to tell, the situation develops not in the best way. Pleases that our champion plays as equals with world grandees and looks is not worse at all than leaders of Spanish and the Italian superiority. It is pleasant that, at last - taki, Zenith has opened the account to the goals in League of champions, and the ball - that what has hammered in Danni! Directly lovely sight!
to zenith it is total does not carry, and does not carry from the very beginning. The champion of Russia has got to one of the heaviest groups of a Champions League. Results of poll of visitors of a site testify to it myp2p also. eu. About 30 % of fans of sports visiting this resource, named group H the heaviest (the highest indicator). Besides, Zenith passes absolutely illogical goals: Improbable blow of Del Perro, autogoal of Gubochana, exact blow of Nistelrooja to which preceded srezka. But, as they say, goals are forgotten, and the result remains. After two rounds Zenith is on last line, having passed forward even the most modest command of this group - BATE . Game of Byelorussians in a match against Juventus has made very good impression. Football players BATE the most flatter epithets and gratitude have deserved, and not only from own fans, but also admirers Zenith . After all, thanks to the Belarus club, Juventus could not create the big separation from the Russian champion that allows to look ahead with optimism. Now to Zenith it is necessary to spend double sparring with BATE . It is natural that pitertsam it is necessary to take 6 points in this opposition and to be adjusted on the main fights - in Madrid with Real and St.-Petersburg - with Juventus . While Zenith has not lost chances of an exit in the following stage of League of champions.
it is necessary to recognise what to expect game improvement pitertsev in the future, perhaps, it is useless. While the championship of Russia comes to an end, football superiority of the European countries still at all have not reached the middle. Contenders Zenith only are rolled during a season also progress from a match to a match. Though, on the other hand, it is possible to remember last year, when Zenith on one breath has crushed Bavaria though the championship of Russia already also has come to the end.
on bad luck after a match with Real the instructor " has complained also; Zenith Dik Advokaat: Certainly, result of game very much raocharovan. The game beginning has turned out a bit nervous: we have given to the contender too much free space in the middle of a field. Having passed a fast goal, could win back it, but then Real has again amazed our gate. In a break we have made small tactical changes, and in the second time have already shown good football, and at least deserved a drawn game. If we managed to create so much moments, playing against such club, as Real it shows a high class of our command.
the Moscow soldiers have made the way in a group stage of an UEFA Cup. Valery Gazzayev`s wards have spent exactly so much forces, how many it was necessary for achievement of this result. Let Russians have not surpassed the contender in all respects, but nevertheless have broken a barrier in the person Slavena Belupo it is far not the weakest participant of a qualifying tournament of an UEFA Cup. In the light of last games of CSKA guards that the command becomes dependent on young talent of the Moscow club - Alan Dzagoeva. Without the young halfback Soldiers in attack look dimly enough.
after a victory over Slavenom Belupo the head coach of CSKA Valery Gazzayev looked udovletvoryonno: to Play houses against the Croatian command it was, of course, easier. As a whole, I am happy with game of the wards and an exit in a group stage of competitions.
much heavier the way to a group stage of an UEFA Cup has appeared at capital Spartaka . It is red - white having not the best times, during 180 - ti fought minutes with Czech Banikom to the death . To Muscovites, frankly speaking, has carried.
it is necessary to notice that dvuhraundovoe opposition Spartaka and Banika was the first present test for   the new instructor of Russians - Mikaelja Laudrupa. The helmsman it is red - white With it has consulted, though and not without a scratch . Spartak not bad looked in first half of match in Moscow, creating the moment behind the moment at gate of visitors, but then Russians have reduced turns, than hardly has not used Banik . Only 1 exact blow would suffice the Czech club to leave Spartak behind an UEFA Cup board, but this evening to visitors did not carry. That only there are two blows in a crossbeam of gate of Pletikosy in the ending of a meeting! So, Spartak has hardly made the way in a group stage of an UEFA Cup, but optimism in the future to look with optimism while early. From time to time it is red - white show qualitative football with which it is possible to leave safely on fields of Europe, but much more often a national command makes depressing impression. Therefore it is necessary to hope only that Spartak Can improve the game in the foreseeable future and we should not redden for Muscovites.
after reciprocal game against Banika the instructor of Muscovites of Mikael Laudrup has shared impressions of performance of the wards: There were two different times. In first half of meeting, especially first 30 minutes, we played well, at all of us it turned out. Then Baniku it was possible to level position, to spend a goal. After a break we operated absolutely badly. Banik had some moments, to us has carried that it has not hammered still. Pass we, would leave struggle for an UEFA Cup. In general, the fate was today on our party. I am happy with that we have passed further. But how we have spent the second time, at all was not pleasant to me
FK Moscow
Numbers of representatives of Russia in Euro cups have thinned. The first loser (short of Saturn And campaign of club situated near Moscow in a cup of Intertoto) became FK Moscow . From all delegates of Russia in Euro cups Moscow caused the greatest anxiety. Capital football players have appeared in deep crisis to which it is not visible the end yet and edges. Moscow game " vegetates in the table middle, and; townspeople represents sad enough show. In a duel with far not the strongest club of Europe, Copenhagen Muscovites tried as could, but one desire it has appeared insufficiently. As it is paradoxical, but Danes have appeared more a hot team and have unpleasantly surprised the contender with confident game in defence and kreativnostju in attack. Already after the first duel which was passing in Moscow, it became clear that to Russians will uneasy break a barrier in the person Copenhagen . Also it is a question not only of two balls, which visitors have sent in gate Moscow But also quality of the game shown by wards of Solbakkena. Starting minutes of a reciprocal meeting have forced to be fidgety fairly, sometimes it seemed that defeat to visitors not to pass. However townspeople have once again confirmed the status of a command - the riddles, capable to change at any moment, and have given the present battle to Danes. Owners to it have appeared are not ready, especially after a starting piece of a meeting which like in again would confirm the superiority Copenhagen . To Russians for qualification in a group round of an UEFA Cup has not sufficed most malosti. But to say that Muscovites have ruined eurocup campaign it is impossible. In my opinion, Moscow looked not worse, and even it is better, than some other representatives of Russia in Euro cup second for the importance.      
goalkeeper FK Moscow Yury Zhevnov after a match looked upset and has declared that its club deserved a victory more: With 30 - j minutes and till the end of a match Moscow was obviously more strongly contenders, but today to us very much did not carry. And the unsuccessful beginning, when to Copenhagen it was possible to create at our gate set of the moments, I think, it is connected by that we could not consult with starting excitement .
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