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Tom` has interrupted a series of unsuccessful matches

Still pair - a three of rounds it seemed back that tomichi will avoid active struggle for a survival, easily having typed the thirty points which, as a rule, happens enough for residence permit preservation in the Prime minister - League. However five matches without victories which were contained in themselves by two house nobody`s and three exit defeats, together with successes permjakov, nalchan and krasnodartsev have predetermined reception Tom` to 24 - mu to round of the status of the candidate on fall in a class. Yes what there to win – Valery Nepomnyaschy`s wards during these most five matches could not hammer in any goal that visually testifies to available problems at the game organisation. The duel of the next round first one after another should answer a question as tomichi are going to search for an exit from so uneasy position.

the contender at Siberians was uneasy. Saturn Despite last exit failures, on - former marks at an eurocup zone, and for this purpose in the conditions of struggle density for the marked places it is extremely necessary for command to type points and on a visit. In the first matches after Andrey Gordeyev`s appointment as the head coach ramenchane fine operated and out of limits of Moscow Region, however then something has got bad. In last five rounds Saturn also, as well as Tom` acts stably, however if tomichi have selected for itself the scheme a house drawn game – defeat on a visit aliens operated by a principle a house victory – defeat on departure . One of these already settled series should was by all means will interrupt, on - to another could not be. All question consisted in the one who exactly would incline a bowl of scales to own advantage.

the Match has begun without a swing and within first fifteen minutes contenders have exchanged goals and have created the moments where - that on two games forward. On 2 - oh Loskov has quickly passed to minute on Karjaku who was displaced from the left edge in the centre and has punched in a distant top corner, but has not got to an alignment a little. However after a minute ramenchane nevertheless have come forward: Loskov has submitted in penal from a corner of a field, Angbva a head has forwarded a shell on a distant bar where Kuzmichyov forgotten by all owners in a contact has sent a ball in gate. However not for long music played for ramenchan. After three minutes owners hardly have not recouped also after giving angular, be noted after Klimov`s giving Dmitry Aleksandrovich Smirnov could. And on the expiration 8 - oh minutes of an abacus already was equal: Dzjuba accurately realised a penalty after Sparrows in an episode of riding struggle has concerned a ball with a hand in own penal.

Even minutes seven - eight contenders continued to rush with a ball from penal to penal and to exchange the dangerous moments. On 11 - oh to minute Karjaka has escaped on operative open space in the stranger penal, has received an amazing pass from Loskov, however at the crucial moment could not punch plainly on collars, after three minutes Haritonov has selected a ball at zazevavshegosja the contender, has reached an obverse line on the right flank and has hung on a head of Dzjube which has positionally changed Angbvu, but to direct a shell to an alignment from a line vratarskoj has not managed. For an instant before Alexey Ivanov has in a fantastic way rushed in penal the contender the right flank, has raked along gate, however Karjaka could not close a distant bar …

After with great dispatch spent debut of a match football players have taken a small break, having solved posopernichat with each other in tactical struggle and local fights for the initiative. Speeds in a duel instantly slept, the abundance of technical marriage in actions of players of both commands there and then began to be evident. Diligence both at owners, and at visitors on - former was though take away, however it and prevented to prove to football players in all beauty. Game for ten minutes has got stuck in a midfield – but only that then to flash again.

On 24 - oh to minute the next standard at gate of owners has resulted   to a panic in penal Parejko and Angbva blow to a descent from seven metres could deduce again the command forward, however has not got to a far corner very little. After a minute Loskov has found a class pass in another`s penal Ivanov, that was released from the trustee, but has far released from itself a game shell, paternal a shoot for goal accented it has not turned out. More close to 30 - oh to minute visitors have tidied up the initiative to the hands, owning a ball and the visitor on another`s half of field more often. However, tomichi, having certain problems at the organisation of defensive game, tried not to be closed on the half of field, and used any possibility for counterattack.

owners have built the worthy answer to attacks of visitors on 32 - oh to minute when Radosavlevich has rushed in another`s penal, has accepted a ball and has punched on collars – Kinski only from the second attempt has coped with this blow. After six minutes Kuzmichyov from a corner the penal has slightly shot on collars – Parejko has covered a shell in the bottom corner. More close by the end of a time Siberians could take hold of a ball and already visitors have been compelled by the big forces to be delayed for the half of field, however counterattacks ramenchan from it less dangerous did not become. The time has come to the end with one more dangerous moment at gate tomichej: Karjaka with the help walls from Kirichenko has entered in penal, has beaten the defender, has approached with the goalkeeper and has thrown Parejko, but together with collars. As a whole visitors in the first time were more sharply the contender, however after a break character of games frequently cardinally changes.

owners have begun second half of meeting very actively, however the problem of Siberians with last pass about which Valery Nepomnyaschy actively recently complains, had an effect again. At visitors and Loskov, and Karjaka – the people, capable to give such pass – were in good mood, paternal Saturn continued to create critical moments, but at ramenchan realisation, in turn, limped. On 5 - oh to minute Kirichenko has received long transfer from Loskov, but be hooked for a ball in another`s penal forward could not. In three minutes Dmitry took game on itself and from a difficult situation has punched on collars of the contender from a corner penal, but has punched extremely unsuccessfully. Tomichi, despite all activity, and could not create first ten minutes of the second time though one dangerous moment to collars of Kinski. Visitors gradually have translated game from the gate and it seemed that ramenchane now can dozhat the contender.

however on 61 - oh to minute the roughest error in defence has allowed owners to come forward. After giving angular defenders ramenchan could not organizovanno leave from penal, having organised artificial ofsajd, than and Dzjuba has used, having received a pass on a course and easily having thrown the goalkeeper. Pleasures tomichej concerning the second goal were not a limit, however in four minutes in gate ramenchan the third ball then game was, actually, has flown also is made. On 65 - oh to minute Klimov has softly hung on Haritonova, which with odinnadtsatimetrovoj marks parashjutikom has sent a shell in gate. Kinski, certainly, was mistaken in this episode, however to visitors from it it is hardly easier – after all so all in this match well for ramenchan began …

Remained time of a match has passed in unsuccessful attempts ramenchan to recoup. Tom` confidently supervised succession of events, reliably defended, tried to counterattack, in a word, did all on a football science. Everything that it is necessary to do in that situation when the command conducts houses in two balls in a match with the equal contender on forces. That forces Saturn and Tom` are equal, the first time has shown very visually, however desire tomichej to interrupt a series of unsuccessful matches for itself and to achieve a victory after a break it has appeared more strongly debugged, but measured game ramenchan. Siberians have achieved a victory which will allow them at last - that to sigh a full breast. Saturn the next defeat has essentially complicated to itself the further struggle for hit in a zone of Euro cups.  
euro - football
the Championship of Russia.   the prime minister - league. 24 - j round
Tom` (Tomsk) - Saturn (Ramensky) - 3:1 (1:1)
Goals :   Dzjuba, 8 - a penalty,   61, Haritonov, 65 - Kuzmichyov, 3
Preventions :   Haritonov, 15, A.Ivanov, 41 – Karjaka, 33, Zelao, 57
3   October. 12:00. Tomsk. Stadium Work
Tom` : Parejko, A.Ivanov, Katynsus,   D   N.Smirnov, Skobljakov, Klimov, Michkov (Djadjun, 88), Radosavlevich (Maznov, 59), D. A   Smirnov (Janotovsky, 82), Haritonov, Dzjub
Saturn :   Kinski, Angbva, Grachev, Zelao, Nemov, Alexey Ivanov, Sparrows (Levchenko, 63), Loskov, Karjaka, Kuzmichyov, Kirichenko (Topich, 79)
the Judge : Yury Baskakov (Moscow)